Mysterious Seaman Found on Twitter

Mysterious Seaman Found on Twitter


Seaman creator, Yoot Saito, hints at ... something with a Christmas-themed Seaman render.

Yoot Saito, the seemingly unhinged developer responsible for Seaman and Guild 01 posted the picture on the right on Twitter, complete with a cryptic message. As Andriasang translates:

"It's time to start thinking about the end of the year."

If I might engage in some wild speculation for a moment: that could be a potential release date for the 3DS port of Seaman that Saito has been hinting at since June 2010.

For those of you who didn't own the Dreamcast original; Seaman was a bizarre, virtual-pet game in which you're tasked with taking care of a human-faced, talking fish as it goes through the various stages of its life. An included microphone allowed the player to talk to the creature, which often responded with either related trivia or insults. By 2004, the game was the best-selling Dreamcast title in Japan. A remake and a sequel were released for the PS2 but they never made it to western shores.

Source: Destructoid


Yoot Saito was also the creator of SimTower and the ill-fated sequel, Yoot Tower.

Ah, the memories... ah, the incessant elevator sounds...

Seriously, though. Creepy Santa fish is creepy.

Well, I thought this was going to be about a mysterious man at sea who thought he was Santa.
But alas, it is not to be.
On another note, his games look fucking weird.

We need more unhinged Western developers. Mostly because these games never seem to get localized. Having a similarly insane Western dev which I can latch onto and fanboy over would just be great. Ed McMillen will do for now but why not a AAA dev? Hmm?

I always thought Seaman came from Morning Fish

voice recognition technology has come a long way since the days of the original Seaman I suspect the folks as microsoft could use a title for the live arcade game that makes use of the kinect's microphone.
I forget. Does the WiiU have a microphone? It could be a downloadable WiiU title as well or something.

I totally read the title of this article wrong @[email protected]

Mysterious seamen found on twitter? Sorry I thought I had cleaned up when I was done >>

OT: That's pretty strange, wonder what it means.

Not gonna lie, I really thought of something else when I saw the title and clicked the link.

I remember that thing when it came out, got that face is just creepy to me. D:

I didn't even read the article, I just saw the title and burst out laughing.
Sorry Grey, but you just pulled an accidental funny.

I remember reading about this game when my brother use to buy those nintendo power magazines! God that was ages ago. I still remember their bizarre ads " I will not mate outside my species" Its still just as creepy as it was back then . . .

Ugh, that thing is creepy enough as it is. An HD remake would be pure nightmare fuel...

This Seaman business is spilling out all over the place. What a mess.

I totally read the title of this article wrong @[email protected]

Oh me too. Was the only reason I even clicked on the article.

Wow Japan seemed to love some good wonder its the bukkake capital of the world.

Sad when youve spent a whole day twittering yourself to death that you explode with a burst of Seaman all over the place.

Once again, social networking has fulfilled its purpose.

I always wanted a creepy fish game.....

My guess: Yoot Saito is planning the 2012 apocalypse, and will achieve it by scarring children across the nation by releasing a Seamen sequel.

On a more serious note, perhaps this is the beginning of an ARG?


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