Gay Oreo Inspires Internet Outrage

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my god when did the INTERNET become so sensitive all of a sudden? do we really need a new news story about comments on the INTERNET? its the INTERNET, everybody acts like dicks here.

also i hate my auto corrector.

seems kind of tacky but on the other hand... it pisses off all the right people! so i support!
the more we piss these people off, the more they scream, the sooner they'll realise that not as many people are listning to their screaming as there used to be>: )
oh i love it. you can feel it can't you, all the haters? the world is changing around you, as the people around you want it to, and you can't do a thing to stop it can you? delcious!

Honestly, when I see that Oreo all I really think is "damn, I'd never eat that.. it's just way too much filling."

It's great to hear that Oreo is sticking to their guns on this one and, I'd imagine, "all" of the hate is simply just going to fuel views of the ad and inspire those who support it.

Also, this pretty much lays out why the supposed boycott participants will inevitably fail:


Andy Chalk:
But the worst thing about it all? Kraft isn't actually going to sell this six-layer rainbow monstrosity; it was photoshopped exclusively in honor of Pride Week.

Unfortunately, fixed for you. Still, one can dream of such a god among biscuits one day being made...

Also, respect for Kraft for doing this and sticking by it - it's always fun to laugh at homophobes and feel smug in our tolerance, no matter what their marketing agenda (not that Oreos were especially lacking in popularity...)

I am wholly insulted and disgusted with the OREO brand because of this.

I mean look at that thing. It's not a cookie anymore! It's a one-shot into a sugar coma made entirely of that cream. By God would that be a delicious death though...

OT: It's disturbing how some people are acting over all of this. Good that Kraft is sticking to their guns. Maybe we can continue to piss off those sort of people so they'll just leave. Forever.

Man, this kind of publicity stunt never fails to amuse me.

Y'see, companies supporting gay rights is a good thing, but it's not really big news until the wailing and gnashing of teeth starts.

And they know this now. It's why they do it. They're counting on the howling and poo-flinging because they know that it will make people notice what they did and make everyone else like them more for it.

It's trolling for equality.

You know, I really think they should be selling those. Obviously not in the form of the Cookie in the above picture, that's just too much filling (shut up, too much filling is a thing), instead, just have a package with normal filling in the different colors and have part of the proceeds go to some LGBT Group. THAT would be real support, sure, it would piss more people off, but who gives a shit what they think?

I wish "Christians" were a bit more Christ-like

Hopefully every food company will come out in support of gay rights, then these nut-jobs will boycott themselves to death.

My opinion of Kraft has improved to neutral! Good on your guys for taking this monumentous step of supporting the gays... risking half of your consumer base due to their parents refusing to buy the immoral gay supporting sweet thing...
I mean the only thing they can do wrong now is to fuck with Cadbury's, or keep profiting from neo-slavery in the growing of the coco beans in Africa >.>

"Risking half of your consumer base" would be a gross exaggeration. The amount of people boycotting them over an ad they need to have seen first is dwarfed by the free publicity the controversy is giving them - not to mention that the demographic they are reaching through social media is much heavier in favour of gay rights than an average slice of population would be.

They are simultaneously playing the white knight controversy card, appearing socially forwards and in touch with the world, and piggy-backing on the whole gay pride movement. It's anything but high-risk.

ever notice how the last few followers of a lost cause get REALLY loud once it's become clear they've become irrelevant?

Obama has voiced his support for gay marriage. regardless of how you feel about that, you have got see which way the tide of history is flowing here.

I WANT THE COOKIE! Fuck it looks so tasty and delicious!

Fuck you overly religious people (bigots)

I saw that and thought, "I wouldnt buy that package of Oreos... there too much cream and not enough cookie..."

What? I like the cookie part...

Oh, also, the guys getting all pissy about this are assholes, and I no longer care about them...

F Those guys who hate Oreos because they come out in support of Homosexuals. I myself am a fan of Oreos, and am A Catholic Deist, and I think god doesn't give a flying F who you fall in love with (As long as they consent, obviously). Good for you Kraft (And I guess to an extent, Nabisco), but I hope that oreo is all Vanilla Icing, cause the other flavors are disgusting.

well that is a stupid boycott

the funny thing just by giving this attention the the people boycotting them have failed
it look like a move the company made just for publicity and by that stand point the boycotters are helping them get publicity

and they also failed because of this as well

First they become the poster cookie for interracial relationships now this? What's this world coming to?

Seriously though, people need to just shut up and let love rule. How is this even an issue still?

Looking at that Oreo I can't shake the feeling that it tastes like modeling clay, and yet I want to eat it.

That's controversy, right?

Douchebag Christians:
Jesus was all about Love and Respect

So you can just burn in Hell.

So, who else is buying Oreos next time they go to the store? I aaammmm!

(As you can see, I am totally for Oreo supporting equal rights. And if that Oreo was smaller and and all rainbow-ish, I would so buy them.)

Do they know that in Leviticus it also says we should go out into the desert and sacrifice a goat to Azazel?


Yeah I'm all for the teachings of Christ, awesome guy, but...I don't think we should be using the Old Testament as any sort of guide for life anymore.

Perhaps Azazel would prefer an oreo?

The sad part is, this isn't even representative of anything Jesus (that guy who's the CHRIST in CHRISTianity) ever came remotely to touching on. I doubt he even cared, much less said anything about it. Oh well, just another reason why I refer to Christianity as "Churchism."

you know, even if they made this for distribution, there is such a thing as too much icing! But really, this guy is tired of peopke being intolerent

As if we didn't already know that an oreo is representative of a gay, interracial threesome

True story.

Oh goody, time to put on my favorite hat.

*puts on tinfoil hat*

See, see I was right!! First it started with cereal going all rainbowy and shit to supposedly market themselves to kids. Though I think we're all in agreement that the real reason is that really they're just trying to desensitize our kids to that awful gay pride flag. *spits* It's an affront to the lizard shadow government that runs this great country.

Then there was the creation of Skittles. Oh don't think I'm not on to you Skittles. "Taste the rainbow," more like "Taste our brainwashing food coloring." By running a marketing campaign that causes both people and children to associate the rainbow with their satanic candy instead of the factual tale of how Noah saved the world when Xenu melted the polar ice caps by inventing the rainbow defense system that remains in place to this very day. The inspiration of which was given to him by the lord almighty. Though it's starting to weaken since it is powered by the sacred love aura given off by the holy union of man and woman. Which is being sabotaged by the gays.

Yes friends, the gays are evil agents of Xenu sent here to destroy the rainbow shield which has kept him from laying waste to our young 4,000 year old earth. Now they have sunk their villainous claws into the once righteous Oreo. Our allies grow few in this hopeless battle, but we will win. We will defend the earth so that our lizard overlords may continue to benevolently rule us from the shadows.

So condemn this multicolored symbol of oppression, and send the message that we were already conquered by a space faring civilization and that we are very happy under their rule. Open your eyes people, with the rise of the gays comes the fall of all life on the planet!!.

*removes tin foil hat*

So sayeth the Legion of Mad Fellows.

So does this also mean that George Zimmerman wasn't REALLY a racist asshole that just wanted to get high and go shoot some black kid with Skittles but was ACTUALLY trying to stop the gay agenda? That would probably be a better defense than what he's putting up now.

Lord Beautiful:
I find this offensive. The cream to cookie ratio is far too one-sided to actually taste good.

And good luck fitting that whole thing into your mouth.

Honestly, I'm with you on this point. I bought a package of those Triple Double Oreos to piss of Pus Limpballs when he was saying that Kraft made them for\because of Obama and I really didn't care for them, they were just too much, I'll stick to regular or Double Stuf. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

As if we didn't already know that an oreo is representative of a gay, interracial threesome

True story.

BWAHAHA you nearly made me splurt cola all over my desk...

I'm going to the shop tomorrow to buy oreos (oh wait I'm really ill....MUM I WANT OREOS KAY? K!)

My first thought was "that looks delicious"... Also, good luck boycotting Oreos...

Second thought:
"Yet another liberal company destroying our religious values and teaching immorality" - yeah, the religious values that cause people to encourage people to kill themselves, and some to believe that an all-powerful, benign creator has something against homosexuals.... Going against that is certainly immoral, all right...

I agree with all of that; plus if people's religious values are that flimsy that they can be corroded by a cookie company advertisement then I think Oreos are the least of their problems. They should probably focus on stamping out the rampant hatred they are spouting.

I just wish Walmart,McDonalds and the larger gun stores would come out with a similar statement, just to see how far they'd be willing to take their boycott.

'Dammit, I love guns, but I hate queers...whatever to do?'

Get enough stores accepting of alternative lifestyles and these loons will soon be rooting thru dumpsters rather than giving 'fag enablers' their dollars.

Honestly, get over it, I had an oreo earlier, and I'm no more craving cock that I was yesterday. I am craving more oreos tho.

I think companies need to stop taking political stances like this, all it does is causes controversy. Kraft is a food company, not a political party. Starbucks made the same mistake.

On another tack, all these people saying that this is 'anti religion', aren't Oreo's already pretty much an image of gluttony, one of the seven deadly sins? Is homosexuality considered a bigger sin than being a 600lb couch whale covered in cheeto dust?

(and that's coming from a fat guy)

I bet it tastes fruity *bubum tish* and I want one!

Oh dear lord.

Why do people forget that Jesus said "dont listen to the old testament" and "LOVE PEOPLE NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE, OR WHAT THEY DO!"

Its like he says that again and again and people just ugh
Well fuck them.

I like Oreos.

I'm going to eat one of those oreos and I'm going to love gay people.

Then, in about 10 minutes, I'm going to hate them.

"The cynic in me insists that there's no small amount of savvy marketing at work in this campaign. After all, as evidenced by Ellen Degeneres, not to mention more than 175,000 (and growing) "likes" on Facebook, nothing gooses public support like a sliver of vicious backlash from homophobe morons on the internet. But at the same time, even if it is getting something out of it, how can anyone be critical of Oreo for standing up for a good cause?"

Why is it cynical? Why can't a company do both? Why can't a company both support a good cause and hope it increases product sales?

If only all profitable companies supported good causes this world would be a better place.

Andy Chalk:

But the worst thing about it all? Kraft isn't actually going to sell this six-layer rainbow monstrosity; it was made exclusively in honor of Pride Week.

I was gonna say, this part would be the only justifiable reason to outrage at Oreo. To tempt us with that cookie... BLARGH!
Also, stupid religious bigots yadda yadda yadda.

Mr Cwtchy:
That is the tastiest looking bit of 'controversy' I've ever seen.


And I want that giant rainbow Oreo. Looks delicious.

My first thought was "that looks delicious"

Moonlight Butterfly:

Looks like a good cookie too :3

Do want! That cookie looks delicious and that it could kill someone if thrown at them :p

You are all insane for wanting to eat that. It's the fucking Godzilla of oreos!

"our religious values and teaching immorality"

Rapist being forced to marry his victim,
Ethic cleansing (aka genocide),
Pride and jealousy,
The mass murder of children,
Abandonment of family,
Slaughtering animals to cure disease (like leprosy can be cured via killing two pigeon),
Anti-progress, science, and reason. know?
Maybe we SHOULD start destroying such things.
Might make us more civilized.

It fills me with rage that they defend this kind of stuff.

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