Gay Oreo Inspires Internet Outrage

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As if we didn't already know that an oreo is representative of a gay, interracial threesome

True story.

Gah, beat me to it. I was just about to ask why these people weren't already boycotting Kraft for their support of interracial unions. Good luck boycotting Kraft, by the way. You'd have to grow your own produce and raise your own livestock to be completely free of their products.

Andy Chalk:
Gay Oreo Inspires Internet Outrage
But the worst thing about it all? Kraft isn't actually going to sell this six-layer rainbow monstrosity; it was made exclusively in honor of Pride Week.


Well, if Oreo was selling boxes of these monstrosities, it would quickly go from supporting gay rights to supporting obesity.
That would flip the marketing over.

They should sell those. Man, I would love to eat me some 6x-stuffed Gay Oreos!

I feel sorry for the religious Americans that don't go around saying people need to die and burn forever in hell because of their sexual orientation (or other 'blasphemous' stances/acts), because these very vocal ignorant hateful people give the nice people such a bad reputation.

Please, this retards who are protesting are all herectics anyways. Seriously, go find me any bigot religious fundie fuckup and I can show you at least 3 ways they are going to hell, as sanctioned by their own Bible. It's really fucking funny if you can corner one of these idiots and turn the tables on them. They yell and scream and all you literally if you go by their Bible you can kill them for being sinners. They really love that part. :D

Religious nutcases, gotta love em.

(Face palm) ...I hate people sometimes. I really do. They don't want to eat Oreos anymore? Fine, more for me!

I'll file this under T for "Tasty", and O for "Oh no, someone's being an idiot over the internet - TO THE ESCAPIST!"

In all seriousness, that looks revolting in a tasty way - like a Big Mac, or a greasy fry-up.

Hold up a moment... so... you're telling me... that... Oreo has the ability to make multiple colors of creme for their oreos and they AREN'T selling them? They so just lost my business.

OT: Companies can do as they please and support what they want. In most cases, they are not bound by religious practices or law (to an extent) when it comes to PR moments like this. People get mad about it, just makes those people look stupid for not realizing that and for the irrational hatred they spew out of their face-holes...

... Okay, so where's my damn rainbow cookie?

Easton Dark:
Godzilla Like SNIP

But if I CAN eat that cookie, maybe I can gain its powers and defeat the tyrannical Godzilla! Huzzah!

Oh noes, christians will stop buying/eating oreos to protest more of against
basic human rights,
let me see where did i put that picture again
oh yes here we go:


I thought this would be relevant:

Best. Oreo. Ever.

OT: Yeah, I saw that in my news feed yesterday. Thought it was odd seeing a rainbow oreo at first. But then I saw they were supporting gay rights. Then I thought, "Well, cool. Just where can I buy one?"

Oh conservative Christians... is there anything you don't hate?

Also, I'd eat the fuck out of a package of those 6-layer Oreos. I would annihilate the whole thing in 5 mins. Seriously. Make them. Take my money.

I could care less as to what Oreo's stance on homosexuality is (though I do respect them for it) I just really want that super stacked rainbow Oreo and god dammit I want it NAOW!

My mind does not comprehend how people can get angry at "cookies" because it have a rainbow in it? next thing you know they'll start boycotting Skittles, Fruit Loops and probably Lucky Charms....

Moonlight Butterfly:

As if we didn't already know that an oreo is representative of a gay, interracial threesome

True story.

BWAHAHA you nearly made me splurt cola all over my desk...

I'm going to the shop tomorrow to buy oreos (oh wait I'm really ill....MUM I WANT OREOS KAY? K!)

Don't get me started on "Double stuffed"

"Fill in" the blanks yourself (Both puns intended)

God that was awful.

Mads Fjord pointed out the inevitable counter-campaign boycott, telling his Facebook followers, "Hate [homosexuals] so much. So many whose skulls I want to smash in with a hammer. I thank those who support this boycott and GOD BLESS AMERICA."

What happened to 'love the sinner, hate the sin' and 'love thy neighbour' and all that fun stuff? Doesn't sound very Christian to me.

Lord Beautiful:
And good luck fitting that whole thing into your mouth.

That's what HE said.

What the fuck Kraft? Seriously. You've absolutely gone too far this time. This whole time you have been able to make purple Oreo creme and you've been withholding it!? You're going to burn for this.
Good on you for the gay rights support though.


Lord Beautiful:
And good luck fitting that whole thing into your mouth.

That's what HE said.

HA! Blow jobs.

I love Oreos but that looks a little gross, kinda glad they're not making that beast of a cookie.

I only eat my cookies if they remind me of an interracial sandwich, too. :3

I think the most scathing of those comments are just trolls pretending to be Christian in order to make Christians look bad.... er, look worse. At least I hope they are. I really don't have any problem with homosexuals. I still feel the need to apologize for how much of a homophobe I was a few years ago though. I was pretty stupid then.

Gasp! Extra calories in America's favorite cookie! and I thought double stuffed oreo was pushing it.

Kidding. If they have those mint flavored rainbow color oreos, I'll buy em.

Hmmm... As far as sexuality and cookies goes, round where I live, it means:

Oreo: two blacks and a white... this Facebook thing, two blacks and a gay?

I don't get it.

Either way, I don't like threesomes. There is just something not right with them. There is always the one that's not as appreciated, and I felt bad for her...

Regardless, I want to buy some Oreos now.


EDIT: Who else wants a limited edition purple oreo?! Lets rally together!!



Kayla Odom Hill is funny. "Oreos are gay now, now they will never get into heaven. WHAT KIND OF HEAVEN DOESN'T HAVE OREOS!"

My first thought was "that looks delicious"... Also, good luck boycotting Oreos...

Second thought:
"Yet another liberal company destroying our religious values and teaching immorality" - yeah, the religious values that cause people to encourage people to kill themselves, and some to believe that an all-powerful, benign creator has something against homosexuals.... Going against that is certainly immoral, all right...

Yeah I find it funny whenever Christians feel that way. You know because it couldn't possibly be that they're not one of, if not THE largest, most well-known religion on the planet. And it's not like 90% of the people in the U.S. Goverment are some form of Christian. And it's not like Christians EVER bully legislation through that most of the rest of America disagrees with. Because everyone knows it's damn near a crime to believe in God in America these days.

Don't get me wrong, not all Christians are like that, I've grown up in a VERY Christian community, even was one my self for a time and most of the time they're accepting, kind people. But for a religion so large and so far reaching that only infants haven't heard of it in a country as large as the're not being shoved out of the spotlight no matter how many hysteronic arguements you want to throw out there. You're not being pushed out of the mainstream or having your religion taken away just because a few people disagree with you.


That made me laugh too much, made my day :D

They're not selling them? Aww. I came here hoping that I could purchase a delicious rainbow snack sometime.

Let all of those homophobes do their stupid boycott! That just means there will be more layered cookies for me to eat!

As a side note, I haven't had mint Oreos in years and now I'm craving them. Dammit.

What the hell doesn't inspire internet outrage from these backwards thinking morons?

Oh well, if they're truly so devoted to their hatred that they will no longer allow themselves to eat an oreo, good. More for us non insane people.

Also I would totally a buy a pack of those rainbow oreos if they were ever made.

Shame they aren't making that cookie it would save me time when I'm bored and I want to see how many oreo's I can fit together.

I suppose the ultimate irony would be that if Oreo were ever to produce such a cookie for Pride Week no gay man would touch it. WAY too many carbs. Would ruin the whole Pre-Pride diet.

Seriously though, the support in the comments is awesome. Takes the power out of each one of those hateful comments and puts a smile on my face. Sometimes the internet gives me hope :)

Christianity used to have rituals to wed one man to another man, so the people that are waving their religion in other people's faces over something as stupid as this are even more ignorant than I had first perceived. But I don't hate them for it.

The Gay Rights Movement is similar to the Civil Rights Movement. The tide of coming change will see it turn out in a similar fashion. How about no hating anyone, regardless of sexual orientation, gender-identity, or preference of cookies?

I really loathe hate filled ignorant people getting all worked up and pissy just so they can hate something based on the flimsiest of reasons. I mean it seems like everywhere you look on the internet all you see is another intolerant individual exclaiming their intolerant view as the only logical or reasonable thing and everything else simply should not exist.

How dare these people!

And the worst part is? every day there seems to be more of them.

Why if I had a nickle for ever irrationally intolerant hate filled comment I read on the internet.

I would never buy that cookie!

Oreos are perfectly balanced between the creamy filling and the cookie part. Adding one more layer of cream would disrupt that balance, thus I wouldn't enjoy it anymore. What is wrong with you, Oreos?!

Oh, and about that boycott, they say that now about how they will never eat those cookies again. I'd like to actually see every single person complaining about it carry on with that promise until the day they die. We all talk the talk on the interwebz.

I shall take this moment to dispense to you the recipe for the best Oreo containing treat ever (aside from plain oreo and milk obviously).

Get one 9x13 cooking pan (US units)
Get a ton of chocolate chip cookie dough (2 of those premade cookie dough rolls should do)
One box of Oreos (You will use most of the box, no snacking!)
one bowl of brownie batter (really any kind will do)

Spread the cookie dough on the bottom of the pan and cover the dough with the Oreo. Like I said before, most of the box will fit in there. Pour the brownie batter on top, evenly coating the cookies. Bake at 450 degrees fahrenheit for 30 to 45 minutes. The brownie batter should be cooked on the outside but still liquid inside (Like a chocolate syrup).

Serve hot or cold. Either is delicious, cold is just less of a mess since the temperature drop causes the brownie goo to congeal.

OT: I really can do nothing but facepalm at this. It is hilarious to watch these nutjobs get their pants in a bundle over all of this. Give up guys, Homosexuality is becoming accepted, just deal with it.

So either Gay Oreos are a threat to society.....or some people are just incredibly stupid. One of these is far more plausible and likely then the other.

I for one did not realize Cookies could have either genders or sexual preferences. Which would imply they are alive, which would make me feel really, really guilty for eating them.


I love Oreos but that looks a little gross, kinda glad they're not making that beast of a cookie.

I only eat my cookies if they remind me of an interracial sandwich, too. :3


But, I will put that aside when Halloween and Christmas comes around when the cream changes color.

It's so festive! :D

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