Zynga Unleashes Farmville 2

Zynga Unleashes Farmville 2


Shareholders left bemused by Zynga's "next generation".

During its Zynga Unleashed press conference, the leading social game developer announced a host of new initiatives, including a revamped sequel to the leviathan Farmville, a network to unify its players across multiple platforms, and an API allowing third-party developers to integrate their games with its Zynga.com platform.

Farmville 2 will include a complete overhaul of the game's engine, with rotatable 3D graphics and more detailed animations. Additionally, new social features will be introduced, as well as a deeper crafting system. Crops and items, however, will not be transferable from the original, forcing current players to start from scratch if they choose to move to the sequel.

Zynga went on to reveal that it is working on a new social network focused on gaming. Zynga With Friends will bring together players no matter their platform of choice, be it Facebook, Google+, iOS or Android. Along with this, a Zynga API was exhibited, which other developers can use to integrate their games with the new service. Minor and major developers alike have signed up already, including such names as 50 Cubes, Majesco and Konami.

The company also announced a competitor to EA's The Sims Social. The new title, known simply as The Ville, will be Zynga's "most social game to-date", according to the press release. The Ville bears more than than a passing resemblance to The Sims, with players building their own home, hosting parties and interacting with friends to build up a "happiness" meter. The game is planned to be released imminently on Facebook and "soon" on Zynga.com.

Investors were apparently left confused by the press conference, as Zynga watched share prices drop by 5% by the end of the trading day. The company had, until recently, seen a steady increase after a series of share crashes earlier this year. There could well be a fear amongst shareholders that the introduction of Zynga With Friends could amount to competition with Facebook, driving a wedge between the once closely-affiliated companies, even though Zynga has denied trying to distance itself from the social networking giant.

Source: BBC News


Don't kid yourself Zynga, we all know that this is just going to become Cow Clicker 2: The clickening.

the sad thing is I know a person who will want this. This will also make more money then every social network.

Evil Smurf:
the sad thing is I know a person who will want this. This will also make more money then every social network.

That's the issue though, we ALL know at least one person who is wanting this.

I myself? I'm wanting them to keep doing this, to keep stretching and stretching and stretching until they've stretched their crappy service so far thin it just snaps. And when it snaps, it'll hopefully bring the whole damn thing down hard.

I'm all for these social based games, but I'd prefer to see something that was actually developed, not something that had its coding shamelessly ripped off some big game and buried under a giant mess of money-grubbing itemization.

Captcha: So-so
Way to be generous captcha!

Don't kid yourself Zynga, we all know that this is just going to become Cow Clicker 2: The clickening.

Coupled with Sims: The Rippening. It's not like they even try and pretend they're not ripping it off.

Great now they're ripping off Facebook!

uhh... Ea has made a lot of bad choices in their past, and i think tempting them to sue you is not a good idea zynga...


I thought Zynga was evil and the glory days were already behind it, but I didn't think they were stupid.

Who really is going to get Farmville 2? They spent all kinds of money on Farmville uno, they won't want to lose their large investment for their rainbow colored chickens. No one is going to use your social Network, because everyone is on Facebook.

Good to see the "Peter Principle" is alive and well, but even better to see that the shareholders recognize it when they see it. Zynga has just promoted themselves beyond their own level of competence (or at least past the level at which they can fake it successfully).

uhh... Ea has made a lot of bad choices in their past, and i think tempting them to sue you is not a good idea zynga...

I thought that too surely EA has the sims social wrapped up in so much copyright that they couldn't do anything similar.

I like Farmville. I dislike Facebook. I don't know how to feel now!

I hope everyone doesn't migrate off facebook to Zynga with friends; I really don't. I had to make the facebook concession but there is no way I'm touching anything made by Zynga and I want to stay in with my friends main method of communication.

Their social network will be like OpenFeint, or GameCenter - basically a network of friends trading crap, talking crap, and comparing crap. It's not my cup of tea, but a lot of people like that stuff. It's not a competitor to Facebook and never will be - lots of companies use these services to bolster their own marketing and to keep achievement hunting gamers happy. What is the alternative? - you have one profile for iOS, you have one for the PC... there's no reason why they can't be linked to a single user profile for whatever platform. People use several different platforms for their casual gaming, Zynga seem to be trying to unify that for the benefit of their users. Why is that such terrible news?. Really, if Facebook is concerned, maybe it should consider VASTLY IMPROVING its mobile apps, Zynga are a videogame company stuck in the horseshit world of social networking, and they're making millions off other peoples ideas, but they're no worse than those other companies that boil so many peoples blood. Apple grrrrr, Zynga grrrrr, Konami grrrrr, Activision grrrrr, EA grrrrr... enough already, show your disdain by keeping your wallet closed, that's all you need to do - Zynga could not give a single fuck about non-customers, why would they!, there's no money in it. Maybe the question should be, why do Zynga feel the need to do this in the first place? - why isn't Facebook able to do this off it's own back.

Instead of hating on Zynga, step back and consider what it is they're actually trying to do - and you'll see that it's harmless marketting. How they deal with their games is another matter altogether, but this 'social network' appears to be no different to OpenFeint. Again, the Escapist exagerates the news, leaves details out, and stirs up a lot of angry villagers...


I just want to state that 'Angry Villagers' is my idea, any game about stirring up a community to don torches, pitchforks, or any other farm or garden related weapon is solely the intellectual property of Surg3n Inc, any attempt to steal this idea will result in an attack from my army of angry-robot-villagers STOP!

Angry Robot Villagers are the intellectual property of.... you get the idea.


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