Dual Analog Control Coming to 3DS XL

Dual Analog Control Coming to 3DS XL


Nintendo's massive handheld is about to get even larger.

Hot on the heels of Nintendo's announcement of the redesigned 3DS XL last week, a Q&A article in Famitsu has revealed that the console will be given dual analog support, with an updated edition of the official Circle Pad Pro accessory. The article doesn't go into any specifics about the actual dimensions of the add-on, but if the equivalent accessory for the 3DS is anything to go by, we can expect it to add at least another inch or two to the width of the device.

It was confirmed that the new attachment, which will be released some time this year in Japan, will be fully compatible with all games that support its precursor. There's no mention of when it will be released in other regions, though. Nintendo is also tight-lipped about how the upgraded Circle Pad Pro will look, with no indication whether colors will be available to match the new device, or if it will only be available in black, as with the previous

Nintendo did, however, divulge a couple of further details about the 3DS XL. Much like with the regular 3DS, data and downloaded software will be fully transferable between the 3DS and the 3DS XL. The new console will also be compatible with the 3DS stand which came bundled with Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Despite the XL being much larger than its predecessor, Nintendo decided against integrating a second thumbstick into the console itself. While the eventual addition of this extra stick will likely come as a surprise to few, its appearance as a separate accessory implies that Nintendo very much wants customers to see the new addition not as an outright upgrade from the 3DS, rather as just an upscaling of what's already there.

Source: Famitsu via Andriasang


I keep trying to think of a reason to get a 3DS and Nintendo keeps giving me a reason not to.

Thanks Nintendo.

... Seriously?

Nintendo, you WANT to upgrade your system. No one will happily buy another accessory that makes their 3DS the size of a brick. Unless that's the tagline you're going for.

Nintendo 3DS XL. You might as well carry a Wii instead.

We all know the reason they're not just putting in the second analog stick like they should have on the 3DS to begin with, to make us shell out more money for an accessory for games that really, should have been designed to not need the second stick to start with.

Come on Nintendo, this kind of blatant money grubbing is something I'd expect from EA, and trust me, you don't want to be ANYTHING like EA.

Another attachment? Why not just put the other stick on the bloody thing to begin with? The 3DS is quickly becoming Nintendo's PSP. Except Sony released the PSP in smaller forms as time went on.

Are Nintendo still officially calling this a handheld?


There's fucking room!


See the power button?

Move that!

Goddamn Nintendo, you're friggin' stupid :D

This feels like this is just so fans won't complain. I bet they're already looking into making the distribution even more laughable than last time. It'll be exclusive. To a small chain. That only has 5 locations. No online. In Alaska.

I'm confuse, is the second analog control is seperate from the XL version or is it going to be in it already?

Oh we'll able too look around alright,
for OTHER consoles!

Why didn't Nintendo just put the second analog stick on with it? I'm going to wait till next year in hopes of a version with a build in second stick.

I think Nintendo is completely aware of the want for a second analog stick, but they're just pulling an Apple on this one, holding off as long as they can to milk the most money by selling extra accessories.

Nintendo isn't terribly bright as of late are they?

Nintendo - because sometimes you want something five years after everyone else. Amirite, WiiU?

And THAT is why I don't a 3DS. At all. 75% of its good games are re-releases of games I already own (Snake Eater, Starfox, Zelda, etc.) and the other half are not incredibly good enough to make me wanna get one (Mario, Kid Icarus...yet ANOTHER KH that's not KH3...Pokemon?).

If anything, the Vita is looking like a better candidate, though I'm not exactly a gamer on the go. But if I was, I'd get a Slim Vita.
Oh, it's coming. Just you wait.

Urgh, come ON Nintendo! I'm really trying to like you guys, I really am, but you just aren't giving me any fucking incentive! I'm gonna hold off on buying a 3DS until they do release a dual analog version. Such a fucking shame, almost bought a 3DS, almost...

Well I just said in another tread that I finally wanted a 3DS and now I've come to my senses.
Thank Nintendo

Well I just said in another tread that I finally wanted a 3DS and now I've come to my senses.
Thank Nintendo

So because of an optional peripheral on an optional device you're not getting it? That logic is simply amazing, ain't it?

I wanna see the pocket you can put that brick into then.
You could give someone a concussion with that!


Well I just said in another tread that I finally wanted a 3DS and now I've come to my senses.
Thank Nintendo

So because of an optional peripheral on an optional device you're not getting it? That logic is simply amazing, ain't it?

Huh?... Well now you put it that way I feel silly but overall I think it was just seeing the 3DS again that brought me back to not wanting it.
I was just in a hype about pokemon.

Day 1 hardware upgrade

well, no developer used the second analog stick so far, so I don't see exactly the loss just because there's no second analog stick. (I prefer Resident Evil: Revelations without the CPP and for kid Icarus, it's just a retarded option for lefties, didn't give MGS3 a try yet)
Still, having another circle pad attachment on a 3DS that is already MASSIVE like your mom is just piss poor design.


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