Build Puzzling Machines in Angry Birds Dev's Next Game

Build Puzzling Machines in Angry Birds Dev's Next Game

Play with Rube Goldberg machines in Rovio's first game since Angry Birds.

In the two and some years since its release, Angry Birds has gotten pretty much everywhere. It's on your phone, your browser, your PC, and even your consoles. While it's been enjoying undivided attention for years from its creator, Rovio, it's now going to have to learn how to share. Back in May, Rovio acquired and rebranded an online physics puzzler game, turning Casey's Contraptions into Amazing Alex. Little was known about Rovio's plans for the game, but that changes today with the launch of a new trailer and teaser website.

Amazing Alex will, like Rovio's avian darling, be a physics-based game. Instead of simply catapulting things into other things however, your goal will be to create complex chain reactions to solve puzzles. In a new teaser site for the game, Rovio shows the titular character setting off a Rube Goldberg machine and explains that players can use multiple solutions for each level.

Other promised features include an impressive 100 levels, the ability to create and share your own puzzles using 35 interactive objects, and free updates, which Angry Birds players also enjoyed. The game will come out for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices sometime in July.

Rube Goldberg puzzles games are nothing new, but Rovio didn't exactly invent catapult destruction games with Angry Birds either. If Alex and his machines are as charming as the birds and pigs of Rovio's runaway hit, its next game will have no problems getting off the ground.

Source: Geekosystem


that looks fun. Bless you Rovio

Evil Smurf:
that looks fun. Bless you Rovio

Bah! I can't stand all these pre-rendered trailers!

Rovio does win the award for managing to show the least amount of gameplay ever seen in a trailer.

Of course, I can go to Kongregate and just play 500 of the exact same game, so no harm done.

Sounds like The Incredible Machine.

Here's hoping this won't become a fruit snack at 7/11. -Groans.-

Here's hoping this won't become a fruit snack at 7/11. -Groans.-

But I like fruit snacks...

fruit snacks...

I just woke up and misread the title. For a second I though it said Build puzzel machines in Angry birds Dev kit, to which I would have responded, "Oh, someone finally found something entertaining to do with Angry Birds! Now I understand the appeal". Fat chance of that, apparently.

As a lover of my Ipad..
Ishall wait and see...


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