Prove Your Retro Skills at the Escapist Expo

Prove Your Retro Skills at the Escapist Expo


The Escapist invites you back to the 80s, no DeLorean required.

One of the great things about Donkey Kong is that climbing ladders, hammering apart barrels, and reaching the princess just never seems to get old. Here we are, more than a quarter-century since the first Jumpman got face-planted by an errant spring, and we're not only still interested in running the course ourselves, but even happy to watch other people do it instead. The same can be said for most titles of that golden era of 1980s arcade, so in celebration of those games (and the people who love them) we're pleased to announce the addition of a free retro arcade to this year's Escapist Expo!

The Escapist has teamed up with the American Classic Arcade Museum to bring between 25 and 30 old-school cabinets for a weekend of tournaments and free play over the course of our three-day Expo, September 14-16. For those of you unfamiliar, the ACAM is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and preserving the history of coin-op arcades, covering games from before the 20th century all the way up to the late 80s. Normally, you'd have to hitchhike to New Hampshire to find them on the third floor of Funspot (the largest arcade in the world), but this year, their crew of joystick-flicking button-pressers will be traveling to North Carolina to meet the (in)famous Escapist community and check out their retro skills in person.

We'll be announcing more about the arcade's location, and the specifics of the tournaments soon, but the only way you can play is if you're there. So, if you haven't registered yet, you can fix that right here.


God damnit... I would kick all of your asses... :P

Damn Finland... SOME DAY, MARK MY WORDS!

Seriosly though, I will need to take a loan from a bank and attend like the year after next. Hell, I might as well take a huge one and travel through the US visiting SGC, RTX, The Escapist Expo and PAX! Now THAT would be a roadtrip year of awesome.

Dreams. They are a nice thing to have and a shitty thing to get crushed under reality... :(

Someone in NC, let me crash on your couch next year and I will BE THERE! *Starts saving up money*

Man this expo just keep looking better and better. I've had arcade fever ever since I started repairing cabinets at my local arcade. Glad I purchased my pass when it was free VIP. :)

That sounds really impressive: to get them to let you use so many of them.
Maybe, one day, in the future, i can join the ranks of people going to the expo... maybe.

Now just throw in some light-gun games so I can impress you all with my mad akimbo handgun skills.

Seriously, I am gonna be nostalgia-ing SO HARD. My inner arcade rat lies dormant, but dead he is not!

Well, now you're just trollin'!

I do wanna go so badly! And I understand why you guys are doing the Expo in September; I heard the explanation in one of the podcasts. And still, I can't help but wave my fist at the sky and yell "WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!"

Now, you guys have fun while I'm at school...and know, just being bored.

The Rogue Wolf:
Now just throw in some light-gun games so I can impress you all with my mad akimbo handgun skills.

Seriously, I am gonna be nostalgia-ing SO HARD. My inner arcade rat lies dormant, but dead he is not!

I think we should make this some type of competition.

OT: That's it, I have to go next year.

I suck at old arcade games.

This will be fun :D

Danm you Escapist! Must you toy with me futher since it's already bad that I ain't going to the Expo. Sure there are arcade over here but they mostly all coin based games and they have little retro acade games too!

Also now that we seen that Wreak-it Ralph trailer, will any of yous will see the arcade game the same way?

Shoot man. I just got back from my first con i was using to practice for this one. One thing I learned was that even if you plan on not buying swag, you'll buy it anyway. Now I don't have enough to actually go to this one.

Must haves include; Mr. Bubble, Robotron, (regular) tron, galaga, galaxian, defender, centipede and pac-man/ mrs. pac-man. Also if possible have some pinball machines.


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