Asura's Wrath Dev Goes Manga for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Asura's Wrath Dev Goes Manga for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

CyberConnect2 unveils its latest fighting game trailer, complete with bouncing horses and shiny teeth.

CyberConnect2, the Japanese studio behind .hack and Asura's Wrath, has announced its latest fighting game project: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle for the PS3. Its new trailer shows off plenty of dudes and the punching thereof, as well as someone's painful-looking dental work and a bouncing horse's butt.

It's not the first time CyberConnect2 has worked on a fighting game, but it is its first shot at the JoJo franchise. As a manga Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure has been going since 1987, and CyberConnect2's game will be the twelfth in a long line of titles going all the way back to the days of the PS2. As this is an All-Stars game, an extensive stable of characters from the series will be available for your bone-crunching enjoyment.

The manga tells the story of the Joestars, a powerful family of martial artists with English roots. There's plenty of supernatural mayhem, with vampires, dinosaurs and whatnot, and the main characters get their powers from mysterious meteorite artefacts as well as rigorous training and mental aptitude. The trailer calls out to several of the series' main books - Steel Ball Run, Stone Ocean - which should please fans of the characters featured in those stories.

No word yet on a release date for this title.

Source: Eurogamer


Actually most of the Joestars weren't martial artists; Jotaro for instance was just a high school student who gained psychic powers somehow. Mr. Golden Teeth is Gyro Zeppeli from the 7th part of the manga Steel Ball Run.

Anyway, definitely looks fun, though I now wonder about the chances of CAPCOM's fighting games based on the same series being rereleased. There's also going to be a tv anime coming out this fall for the series to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

And to end: ZA WARUDO!!!!!

I enjoyed the manga early on, but admit I wasn't a fan of all the children.

I don't see this game being anything special. I'm not a huge fan of fighting games, but I will be interested in finding out more.


Damn, missed my chance to be first on a reference. Fair enough, I'm not even a fan anyway, just know that reference.

But I'm sure fans will be eagerly anticipating news on za warudo release dates.

isn't this the streetfighter engine?

looks cool, don't know the manga, but shame it is pS3 exclusive.

Yes, it would have been nice it it was on a console I owned as well. Although, just coming to Europe would be nice. Looks like they're going for a Dissidia kind of thing, since WHAM is in there. I appreciate Gyro Zeppeli, Steel Ball Run was the best part in a long while.

Could it be... ORA ORA?!

Yeah, freely admit I adore the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure franchise. I'd be shocked as hell if EVERY series made its way into the game in any format, but if this hits the states consider me a Day 1 buyer.

...damnit, this is making me want to bust out my old PSX JoJo game and give it another run through to tide me over...

Please let this be good.

That it's not published by Capcom is in itself a blessing. Just please let this be good. I'd beat infants for a good modern JJBA fighter. I'd beat infants anyway, but for this to be good, I'd do it with passion.

Also, bonus points if they include Jojolion characters. Or Iggy. Preferably both.


OT: I've been waiting for a good JoJo's Bizarre Adventure ever since that one that wasn't released in the US.

Please let this be released in the US

isn't this the streetfighter engine?

looks cool, don't know the manga, but shame it is pS3 exclusive.

Probably the Unreal engine considering they just finished up Asura's Wrath.


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