The Secret World is Just Getting Started

The Secret World is Just Getting Started


Turns out it's not such a small (secret) world after all.

Last week saw the launch of Funcom's modern conspiracy MMO The Secret World, and players have been shooting, slashing, and spell-slinging through the forces of darkness ever since. With the dust settling and one patch already deployed, Secret World Producer/Director Ragnar Tornquist has spilled some secrets of his own regarding the future of the game. The inaugural State of the Game post on the official forums reveals plans for regular, monthly content updates. Also, it's free.

The future updates contain a laundry list of features, which both add new content and expand on what's already in the game. This "fresh and tasty" new content, as Tornquist put it, includes monthly mission packs to give players more to do in every adventure zone. Early mission packs will focus on investigation missions in particular, with tasty new cutscenes and media clues. In addition to filling the existing areas with more quests, there are two new adventure zones in the works as well as a fourth player-versus-player zone. According to Tornquist, these new areas will "carry the story past its first act and into its thrilling and shocking second act!"

On the social side, a dungeon finder tool is on the to-do list, which will certainly be handy in August when the game's first raid (set in New York) goes live. Players will also have the chance to partake in some less murderous activities via seasonal events, and new customization options should allow "role-players and would-be thespians to spread their wings."

The update schedule is sprinkled with other promises, including new weapons and other combat tweaks. It's certainly a lot, but Funcom seems to be settling in for the long haul. All that remains now is to hold on to the playerbase for long enough to show them this new content - no easy feat in the current MMO market. The first of the updates is scheduled for July 31, so players won't have to wait long to get a taste of what's in store.

Source: The Secret World Forums


Seems timely.

The free month will ride these people just fine until mid-July. The July 31st update, if interesting enough, will convince some of those people to renew for at least until mid-August.

Then Funcom will have to hope they made a decent enough profit for when Guild Wars 2 comes out in August.

Now THIS is how you run an MMO.
Just one question remains: Is it fun?

I'm still trying to decide if i should give this game a shot

So you get free game content when you pay a monthly subscription. Did I read that right?

It's different to most MMOs. The emphasis is on the quest storylines, rather than how many quests you can bang out in the least amount of time.

One quest saw me spending a couple of hours translating arabic and hebrew. There's cyphers to decrypt, mathematic puzzles and so on.

And the atmosphere is superb.

I've never been this blown away by an MMO before.

I'd certainly recommend it but suggest researching more before buying as it probably isn't for everyone but it's different approach is a breath of fresh air in this market for many of us.


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Kind of like this game :)

Now THIS is how you run an MMO.
Just one question remains: Is it fun?

I'm playing TSW right now and as much as I love the game, it might not be for everyone right now. Some might not like the combat, which is understandable since it's still a bit stiff, or some might just be daunted by some of the investigation missions in it. My weak point would be pvp at the moment, as it seems too much tacked on.

But on the other hand, it has a world you can really invest yourself in, the investigation missiosn are GENUINELY HARD if you don't spoil yourself beforehand. The story actually draws you in, in opposition to TOR, and it tries to paint a much bigger picture than just "you're the hero in town", which was appreciated from my part.

If you have cold shoulders, i'd say wait a month, two or three and check back. The team seems at least dedicated to bring as much content as they can to justify the price so I hope that will turn out to be true.

Now THIS is how you run an MMO.
Just one question remains: Is it fun?

My wife- "TSW restored my faith in the future of MMOs. It's innovative and creative, with great story and fun play."

Me- I love this game! It really is different then any MMOs I have seen what with the lack of classes per se and being a skill based system. (As opposed to class/Level)

It has a great setting. Not yet another high fantasy game. Though it has plenty of fantastical elements. I agree it might not be for everyone but it is for me. It is not as shiny as some of the new MMOs but the art design is solid and fits the theme well. At this point I have no plans to play Guild Wars 2 and I have talked two of my friend into giving TSW a shot.

If they can deliver content like they seem to be planning to I will be happy to keep paying the sub.

I'm still trying to decide if i should give this game a shot

This exactly.
I the content seems appealing to me. From what I have seen of the game play, it looks solid enough.
At this point the only thing that has stopped me from outright signing up is the EA distribution. I know EA didn't have anything to do with development but I have a personal rule where I try not to give EA any of my money.


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