Far Cry 2 Designer Heads To Valve

Far Cry 2 Designer Heads To Valve


Clint Hocking posts a mystery picture on Twitter, sparking rumors that he's joined the folks at Valve.

Clint Hocking, he of Far Cry 2 and Splinter Cell fame, may have found a new home. He left his post at LucasArts back in June, and earlier today posted a Twitter picture of his son climbing one of the Steam icons at Valve's Seattle studio. The caption to his post merely read "Arrival (and son)," but the near-universal internet suspicion is that this teaser Tweet indicates he's gone over to the Valve side.

When he left his LucasArts position on June 29th, Hocking said in his blog that "I already have something lined up and I am currently in the process of dealing with the living hell of relocation." "I will let the world know where I'm going once I get there," he went on to add. The picture has been taken as confirmation that his "something lined up" was in Seattle. In a follow-up Tweet, while not specifically admitting that he was now a Valve man, Hocking did say that "I guess my assertions about the need for things to change inevitably became more than just assertions."

Hocking's time at LucasArts doesn't seem to have been particularly productive. Though he claimed to be working on several different things, no finished product resulted. After two years down the LucasArts salt mines Hocking may well hope that, whoever his next employer ends up being, he gets something interesting to do. He left Ubisoft back in 2010 because, in his words, he was "too comfortable." No concrete word as to why he left LucasArts, but odds are it wasn't because he was too comfortable this time.

Source: Eurogamer


Come on guys, if he were REALLY going to Valve, he'd have snuck a '3' in there somewhere.

Unless... does any know how old his son is?

Two things:

1) DHAAAAWWWW... Thaaat's sooo cuuute!


He left Ubisoft back in 2010 because, in his words, he was "too comfortable."

Really? Too comfortable? You left your job in 2010 in the middle of a jobs crisis because it was too comfortable?

You better be bumping up a paygrade if you have the balls to quit.

Aaaand we lose another talent to hat industry. Oh well, at least he will be well fed...to Newell

He made Chaos Theory so to me this guy is a goddamn legend. Looking forward to his work on valve.


But in all seriousness, cool story.

Heh, he's going to the wrong place if he wanted to have his work done on something getting released in the near future.


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