Miracle of Sound's New Album Now on Sale

Miracle of Sound's New Album Now on Sale


Level 2 has dropped on Bandcamp with 18 of Gavin's best songs.

Followers of Mircale of Sound already have a lot to look forward to on Thursdays, but this one is something special. Aside from the premiere of Gavin's newest song, "DNA" (based on the recent film Prometheus), Miracle of Sound's second album, the aptly named Level 2, has been officially released on Bandcamp for your downloadable enjoyment.

The entire 18-track album is available right here for a measly $9.99, earning you over an hour's worth of some of Gavin's best game-inspired music. Though it would be difficult to play favorites with the man's work, Level 2 includes some of his most memorable performances, such as "Legends of the Frost," a Skyrim-themed duet with Malukah, and his scarily accurate portrayal of Batman's arch-nemesis in "Joker's Song".

Here's the track list for Level 2 in full:

1. Take It Back - Extended Cut
2. Nord Mead
3. Joker's Song
4. Shadows In The Moonlight
5. Shooter Guy
6. Miracle Of Sound ft. Malukah - Legends Of The Frost
7. Life In Bullet Time
8. Crucible
9. Silver And Steel
10. DNA
11. Keep Drifting
12. Give Them Hell
13. You Died
14. Kalros
15. Khajiit Like To Sneak
16. Binary Divide
17. Survivorcraft Theme
18. Back In Time

If you're still reading this (and haven't already left the page to get your grubby virtual hands on Level 2), don't forget that you'll have the chance to see Gavin live at this year's Escapist Expo in Durham, NC, on September 15, where Miracle of Sound will be playing a special concert of his most popular tunes. You can register as an Expo VIP right now to get special seating for the show!

Just a quick note: If you download Level 2 from Bandcamp, please be sure to back up your files as it doesn't allow re-downloading.


Between this and the Steam Sale my wallet is looking pretty empty.

NO WAY that's a best-of without 'Commander Sheppard' or 'Mining All Day Long'.
Oh wait!

NO WAY that's a best-of without 'Commander Sheppard' or 'Mining All Day Long'.
Oh wait!


Want to try again?

OT: I'm thinking about picking both of these up. Truly.

His songs are just so catchy!

"Khajiit like to sneak..."

blah not on itunes yet :(

Dammit! How and why did I not see this sooner?!?

Oh well. Thanks Gavin, you've turned my dreary day of mowing the lawn into an awesome day of vocal adventure! While I mow the lawn.

And yes, I meant "day." It's a big lawn.


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