Frozenbyte Pulls a "Summer Seal"

Frozenbyte Pulls a "Summer Seal"


Get all your seals in a row and you could win free stuff from the maker of Trine and Shadowgrounds.

Frozenbyte is perhaps my favorite indie studio of all time. The team first got my attention in 2005 with the Doom-esque, top-down shooter Shadowgrounds; a few years later they shifted gears completely to come up with the wonderful fairy-tale game Trine. Both games earned well-deserved sequels that improved upon the originals without losing the qualities that made them special in the first place. And now, thanks to the Summer Seal, you can get them all on the serious cheap.

The Summer Seal, for the curious among you, is a digital slot machine featuring seals in various Trine and Shadowgrounds-inspired headgear. You get ten pulls of the arm, with winning combinations scoring free copies of Shadowgrounds or Shadowgrounds Survivor, or 75 percent discount coupons on Trine, Trine 2 or the Trine 2 Collector's Editions. All prizes are redeemable on Steam.

A livestream of "the unsealing" as well as a few competitions is currently underway, although at this point it looks like just a couple of dudes hanging out and playing Trine 2. Frozenbyte said it has "a few thousand" keys and coupons to give away, which sounds like enough to keep the wheels spinning for awhile, but good games at good prices tend to go quickly so it'd probably be wise to avoid too much dawdling. Cross your fingers and drop the hammer at


Aaaand the site is down :C

Cue website getting farmed by bots in 3. 2. 1...

Aaaand the site is down :C

I guess you could say Frozenbyte suffered a...

*puts on sunglasses*


Sites down for maintenance lol ETA 1-2 days :(

Patience! These games are worth the effort!

Andy Chalk:
Patience! These games are worth the effort!

Do an edit when the page comes back up lol :)

Frozenbyte said on Twitter that it will be back tomorrow. Keep an eye on it.

For future reference, the cute error message states:

P.S. Maybe we should test this stuff before release.

Huh, cool, just won a free copy of Shadowgrounds: Survivor

EDIT: And a copy of the original, too

Aaaaaaaaaaaand it is down again.

Is it still going? I just got a 403 Forbidden error.


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