Paramount Bags Rights to World War Z Game

Paramount Bags Rights to World War Z Game


Max Brooks' zombie apocalypse novel could be getting a game adaptation.

If there's one thing that's obvious about the videogame industry, it's that there simply are not enough zombie-related titles on the market. Paramount Pictures may be looking to give gamers a rare glimpse of the zombie apocalypse, as the film production company has filed a trademark for a videogame adaptation of World War Z.

The trademark was filed in the United States with the classification "downloadable electronic game program, electronic game software, and videogame cartridges/discs." Since Paramount is also the distributor of the upcoming World War Z film, it could be assumed that this potential game would be a movie tie-in, not a direct adaptation of Max Brooks' zombie apocalypse novel. The book was pretty light on action, so it would be hard to guess what genre the game would fall into, unless "oral history simulator" sees a sudden rise in popularity.

Since the World War Z movie has been full of delays, rewrites, and re-shoots, we're probably not going to see a game version in the immediate future. That's not necessarily a bad thing; on paper, a game adaptation of a movie adaptation of an oral history about zombies doesn't exactly sound promising. If this trademark develops into a real game, we'll likely hear more about it early next year, since the film is slated for a June 2013 release.

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I'd actually really like this. His whole premise and approach to the concept is very, very different from Romero and yet at the same time I'd say that he's at least as much of an expert by now on the genre.

Also, his dad is Mel Brooks. Guy is going to make a good movie (someday I hope)

Idk about the movie.. but as terrible as this first sounded to me, if the game is a prequel to the book, it might actually work.

The actual war of World War Z from how the books make it out sounds epic, like Yonkers battle, the Europe and South Africa battles, The Chinese submarines etc. It could even have the player switch outta of all the different characters of the novel living out their interview sessions; which would be awesome and separate it from other zombie games, Soo now I'm cautiously optimistic about this.

Paramount notice Day Z rise in popularity and think we are trying to make a film like that.I have an idea it it obvious marketing really

Its no doubt a marketing move and theres a good chance it'll suck, but world war z has some many set piece moments, that I'm pretty much hoping they grab a developer that at least tries to recreate those moments.

The movie is probably going to suck given it's development history (You can ALWAYS tell when it's a rewrite) but the game should be awesome, as long as Brooks has SOME say in the story line.


I really want to believe it'll be good.

It most likely won't be. They could take a leaf out of "eternal darkness'" book, and make a genuine survival horror spanning multiple character's stories, but they won't.

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Oh god this is dumb. Do they really think that there zombie game is going to do anything that the hundreds of other zombie games haven't? This is a medium that's already saturated. All they got is 'zomg, based on book you love' to differentiate them. Oh this is such a bad move. It's like they're completely oblivious to how bad movie games are and have no idea what the video game market looks like. Who came up with this?

I thought World War Z zombies were impervious to just about any form of damage short of a nuke? That would make a very bad game. I must be thinking of something else...

/facepalm This is disgusting. World War Z was a fictional documentary, a series of realistic post-conflict interviews that took itself very seriously with a potentially absurd topic, thus it's charm.

Gawd only knows what rubbish the movie will crap out but a game? Really? A game about an interview filled documentary? That's just sad and the suit clad scum that came up with it should kill themselves.


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