Soon, You'll Play Xbox Games With Your iPhone

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It's not copying if its the next big step towards what we can get. It'd be pretty cool to turn on my xbox by hitting an app on my phone, then starting up a game of Halo while I go look for food, then come back and have the game ready (With my actual controller next to me)

You literally have to press 1 button on the controller to remote start up the console and it will only play the game whose disk is in the tray (by pressing the "A" button if the console booted up) unless it's a downloaded one so what's the point of this?
It already is easy as hell to start the thing up without touching it, why do you think we need a phone for it?
Starting it up from work? An xbox 360 only takes ~8 seconds to boot.

My set up is a bit different. It turns on and sits at the xbox menu until I hit that I want to play the game in the xbox itself.

The point of my post was to say "What the fuck is wrong with you people? This isn't a bad thing at all!"

Everyone seems to have missed the bit about it not being just for games. Having a remote control app for a console while it's being used as a media centre seems like a good idea to me.

If I could chain songs on Rock Band on my iPhone that would be an awesome addition. There are certain types of strategy games that work way better with a touch screen and it could have some real additional benefits to lots of games in terms of inventory management. I'm sure an inventive dev could do a lot more with this level of increased fidelity.

Or should I join the crowd and yell about kids on my lawn?

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