EA Joins Gay Marriage Coalition

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I like how even when EA does something that people on these forums support, they still get flak for it. Also, this would be the worst PR stunt ever because the nation is heavily divided over the issue, meaning that no matter what side you choose, you're going to lose a bunch of customers.

Anyways, It's nice to see companies who are willing to take a stand on a controversial issue. It's something that doesn't benefit them that much since they offend someone, but it shows moral support. Taking that risk to support some group in what you think is right is wonderful.

Nice job EA, this is almost enough for me to consider repealing my boycott. ...almost.

Good call EA. Respect where it's due. If your business practices and customer services were half as tolerant and worthy as this attitude, maybe customers wouldn't associate your company with evil.

Why do US corprations get involved in politics anyway? It seems very odd for businesses to have political opinions, not to mention bad-for-business (presumably by alienating customers with opposing viewpoints?).

I like how all the people complain about EA but then will play the games they publish


Gearhead mk2:
While I am glad that EA seems to be not totally heartless, lets face it, it wouldn't be below them to be this outspoken just for PR.

Repealing DOMA is actually financially in their best interests. Any state where gay marriage is legal means that EA would be required to keep two sets of benefits books. One set for the federal benefits, and one set for the state benefits. It's a real big pain in the ass, and THAT'S why business is fighting DOMA.

Um wait a minute the act states that the company/state does not "have" to recognize the marriage meaning they can if they want to, not that it is illegal for them to do so.

Also its not a matter of them having to separate benefits plans as if they "chose" to not recognize the marriage then they just count that employee as single which is already a separate benefits plan.

the only way this straw man argument even makes sense is if they were trying to repeal an act that required all companies to offer benefits to spouses of married employees.

Looking bad when compared to EA.

A rare, but powerful thing.

Who cares if EA supports gay rights or not. It's an attempt to try to salvage a reputation sullied time and time again every time they open their collective slobbering maws.

So my Bartolomeo Shepard can marry Kadian and EA are ok with it?

Oh happy day!

Why do US corprations get involved in politics anyway? It seems very odd for businesses to have political opinions, not to mention bad-for-business (presumably by alienating customers with opposing viewpoints?).

either don't follow US news, or not living in US. reason because "corporations are people", and "corporations run politics" for explanation a bill is up for vote in either the house or the senate, and there will be countless lobbyist in DC offing politicians big money/deals to vote one way or the other.

the other reason is for pure image saying "look we all believe/support X, and if you believe/support X you should buy our products to support us"

EA? Even if I were against gay rights, that wouldn't change much.


Good on you EA.
Self-serving or not at least EA acknowledges this is the 21st century.


I don't care if they're self serving or not, they are a big voice and more voices behind this ideal the better.

Not to mention, considering how active they've been in this matter in the past, I wouldn't be surprised if at least SOME of the intent is truly out of a good place.

Of course they realize that this is going to be good for image...but that doesn't necessarily mean they can't also want to help.

EA is only doing it for there own self serving needs to fuck consumers out of more money.As such this move does not impress me.

While my opinion of EA will likely never change (because this has nothing to do with what they actually do as a company) at least they aren't like Chik-fil-A.

Any ally is a good ally in the fight for LGBT rights. I despise EA, but this is good to hear. They have a shit ton of weight to throw around and I'm glad to hear they'll be throwing it at someone that deserves it for a change.

Call it self-serving if you want (and it very well may be, but who cares?), but this also has the potential to hurt their image as much as help it. It may be the 21st century, but there are a staggering number of ignorant people still out there. Look at how many people got pissed at Nabisco.

To celebrate this, they should really get on that whole "same-sex romances" thing in the Old Republic...

Will I ever here the phrase "Thanks, but no thanks" from the gay community over where 'support' for them comes from?

You know what. EA did something right. They dropped the archaic concepts of marriage and support people having equal rights to feel miserably shackled to their significant other. No matter their preference in partner.

Good on you EA. Now if you could please stop fucking me over I might actually support you once again.

Hey this is a good th-



OK... Credit where it's due; for a large company that usually acts like the spawn of the devil, this is a very good deed!

The customer base of EA is primarily young people (people up to early 40's and primarily 25-35 years of age). It's people older than that, that are the major opponents, or at least that's my estimate.

In other words, EA has very little to lose by doing this, compared to fx Oreos.

If Ford did this, I'd be impressed, but not EA.

This is pretty much their only hope. Make themselves look good for people who don't actually know them. Disgusting, taking advantage of this movement to look better.

Actions speak louder than words, or in EA's case: Actions speak BETTER than words.

God help us if EA was only doing this as some publicity stunt. But it is nice to know some corporations are aware that this is the 21st century, no matter how retarded their marketing team is.

Why should I leave EA to fight Doma when I can just use Alm and Catria? Alm has the Falchion and Catria's Top-Tier.

Yes EA are assholes, but it's nice to see big companies support such things, even *if* it's just for publicity.

Lets just bring you up to speed. EA doesn't do anything unless its for publicity.

EA's support of this cause is a good thing. Of course, since they are a game publisher and not an advocacy organization this makes very little difference to me. I am not going to buy their products until they stop bundling them with restrictions and unhappiness (That I personally find to be too onerous to bother with). It is not surprising that they support marriage being extended to all when they themselves have not been shy about entering long term commitments with multiple partners. What is Origin but a ball and chain, after all?

Still, this particular piece of EA's policy I agree with. I very much like civil rights. Perhaps other corporations will see this and other worthy causes to extend the rights of the people to express themselves as the PR bonanza that they are and support them. It couldn't hurt.

EA: We're all about assholes.

I laughed my butt off.

So I guess I'm save from EA now?

I'm all for equal rights and even if EA is just doing this to try and reverse the public perception of them, I approve. Still doesn't mean I'm touching Origin.

I may despise EA for their business practices as much as the next guy, but credit where it's due, their liberal stance on gay rights is something I can say "Well done, son" to.

So; Well done, son.

I wonder how EA's marketing will go about supporting gays coming out of the closet. I mean, we know how they like to advertise.

"Your mom will hate it."

On a more serious note, I'm actually finding it hard to be cynical and jackassy about this. Yeah, it's for publicity, but they still went about it in a way that seems... respectable. They didn't just have some guy in their company say "oh yah btw we support gays do you like us now?" They actually took the time to do something. That is decidedly un-scumbag.

EA: We're all about assholes.

Ok, this was a good one DVS. :D

OT: Self-serving or not I'm glad to see they're throwing their weight to smash this thing to bits.

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