Jay-Z Takes Executive Producer Helm on NBA 2K13

Jay-Z Takes Executive Producer Helm on NBA 2K13


The Grammy-winning rapper has apparently spent hours working on 2K Sports' next basketball game.

I've often wondered what exactly it is that an executive producer does on a videogame project. The answer, at least as I extrapolate it from 2K Sports' announcement that Jay-Z, AKA Mr. Beyonce, will be stepping into the role on the upcoming NBA 2K13, is "not much."

2K, naturally, frames things a little differently. "He's been unbelievably involved," said 2K Sports Vice President of Marketing Jason Argent. "We've had hour-long sessions and his input has been super valuable. He put together an amazing job creating the soundtrack, and was very integral in the creative visual process of the game. He's a true artist."

Over the course of at least one of those hour-long sessions, Jay-Z picked out 24 songs for the NBA 2K13 soundtrack - a vital component of any in-depth sports simulation - which will include his own "Public Service Announcement," plus "Amazing" by Kanye West, Coldplay's "Viva La Vida," "We Live in Brooklyn, Baby," by Roy Ayers, and tracks from artists including U2, Nas, Too Short, Eric B. and Rakim, The Hours, Phoenix, Puff Daddy and the Family, Daft Punk, Santigold, The Dirty Projects, Justice and Mobb Deep. He's also "offered input" on the game's menus and other visual components.

"This has been a unique opportunity to collaborate with 2K Sports and be a part of one of the best sports videogames in history," Jay-Z said. "NBA 2K13 will be the next evolution in sports and basketball culture, and I'm ready to usher in the new era of the franchise."

Curt Schilling's ill-fated foray into the world of game development is suddenly starting to make a little more sense - although I'll bet the rather more business-savvy Jay-Z doesn't sink $50 million of his own money into this thing. NBA 2K13 is due for release on October 2 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, Wii U, PS Vita and PC.

Source: SFGate.com



Well, if I understood the lyrics of Empire State of Mind right, he is a big fan of basketball, so this isn't too suprising. I hope he helps with the soundtrack as well. I'm not a fan of rap, but I've heard rap from game soundtracks like Madworld and Anarchy Reigns, and they are awesome, so maybe if he lends a few tracks or makes they could turn out good.

And no, I'm not bying NBA. I just like good music.

Read Day-Z instead of Jay-Z at first...
Well that would be interesting.

So what's the ETA on a story that the Nets are inexplicably the best team in NBA 2K13

Honestly does Jay-Z need more friggin money in his pocket? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jay-Z#Business_ventures Honestly!

So what's the ETA on a story that the Nets are inexplicably the best team in NBA 2K13

well we need SOMETHING to stop the lakers

i'd take a brick wall at this point

I approve of this! Nice to see Jay-z getting into the sports gaming world.

It seems like a better way of a rapper having his name attached to a game than the Def Jam fighting games, as much of a guilty pleasure as that was.

Maybe im missing something huge but what does a B+ (at best) musician know about sports or vidieo games? And before you mention hes a basketball fan, im a fan of chinese food, that wouldnt qualify me to be the ExecProducer of a takeaway restaraunt simulator...

And why is this news? Some talent-less "musician" wants to help with a video game about basketball.

Stop the presses...


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