Activision Details Final Modern Warfare 3 DLC

Activision Details Final Modern Warfare 3 DLC


Call of Duty Elite subscribers can be the first to experience Modern Warfare 3's new gameplay mode.

Ready for another wave of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 DLC? Activision has announced that two more content drops will be coming to the Xbox 360 in August and September, which will bring Modern Warfare 3's "season of content" to a close. The DLC, some of which has already been offered to Call of Duty Elite subscribers, will have new maps, new missions, and even a new gameplay mode.

Coming to the Xbox 360 on August 9 is the Chaos Pack, which will feature "extensive solo and co-op gameplay for the Special Ops enthusiast." Included in this collection are four Spec Ops missions and three Face Off maps, as well as the Special Ops Chaos mode. The new gameplay mode "delivers a frenetic form of combat that demands players to outlast waves of enemies, while chaining kills on maps littered in power-ups to achieve the highest possible score on fan-favorite multiplayer maps Resistance, Village, Underground and Dome." Elite 360 subscribers get Spec Ops two days early on August 7.

Less than a month later, Final Assault will launch for the Xbox 360, bringing with it five new multiplayer maps: Gulch, which takes place in an abandoned mining town; Boardwalk, set on the Jersey Shore; Offshore and Decommission, both of which will feature offshore oil rigs and "rotting ocean liners"; and Parish, in which players can explore the French Quarter of a war-torn New Orleans. This last bit of Modern Warfare 3 DLC, which is "tailored toward hardcore multiplayer fans," will be out on September 6.

The content will be coming to other platforms at a later date, though Activision didn't specify when in its press release. Call of Duty fans might be sad to see the end of Modern Warfare 3 DLC, but they won't have much time to mourn, since Black Ops 2 is due out this November.


inb4 all of the Call of Duty sucks comments.

Well, my dad and my brother will be glad to hear this.

Man I forgot this game existed. Is this the one where one of the early clips showed the london camera bombing thing, or am I thinking of a different cod?

Man I forgot this game existed. Is this the one where one of the early clips showed the london camera bombing thing, or am I thinking of a different cod?

Yep, this is the one.

Damn, I'm glad I didn't fork out for Elite or buy any Map Packs, they all look so shit. I'll be damn disappointed if the levels in Black Ops 2 will be as bad as the ones in MW3. Oh well, at least we'll always have zombies...

Can't wait to not buy this. Even the free maps were bad. I have higher hopes for black tops 2 since I prefer 1 over it over this.

Boardwalk sounds like an instant classic. I mean who wouldn't want to call in an airstrike on the Jersey Shore?

So do you have to pay seperately for Chaos pack and final assault or are they part of the same DLC? And how much will that set a person back?

I like that the last piece of DLC for MW3 is coming out just over a month before the next game in the series is released for full price. Surely this demand for fans to repeatedly pay substantial amounts of money every few months for a gaming experience that is minimally different from the previous one can't continue for much longer?

And I actually like CoD, it's solid gameplay, fairly well balanced, and fun to play, but the game hasn't brought any new innovation to the table since Modern Warfare was launched 5 years ago. I wonder how much it would have cost someone to buy every game and map pack on release since Modern Warfare 1, probably close to $1000.


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