PlayStation Plus Members Get Jet Set Radio First

PlayStation Plus Members Get Jet Set Radio First


The re-release of Jet Set Radio will launch at a familiar $9.99 price point.

Sega's re-release of classic Dreamcast titles continues with Jet Set Radio, due out later this year for a variety of platforms. The publisher just announced that PlayStation Plus subscribers will be the first ones to get their hands on Jet Set Radio on September 11, 2012. The PS3 version will be available for everyone else a week later on September 18.

Next up are the Xbox Live Arcade and Steam versions of Jet Set Radio, which are due to launch one day after the PS3 version on September 19. Finally, the game will make its way to the PlayStation Vita almost a month later on October 16.

The game will be $9.99 across all platforms, which is reminiscent of the Dreamcast's memorable 9/9/99 release date. Those of you still mourning Sega's final console only have a few weeks to go until you can download Jet Set Radio and spray graffiti to your heart's content.

Source: Joystiq


Maybe THIS is what Herman Cain was actually talking about.

Whew, I was getting worried that the re release wasn't gonna happen this year, if at all. So many good memories with this game, I can't wait.

It's almost here!, oh God, I can't belive I'm getting to finally play a proper PC version of this, instead of using shoddy emulators! Playing Sideways NewYork reminded me a lot of JSR's style and I wished I was playing that game instead. It's finally happening! :D

Time to listen to "Jet Set Medley" in celebration.

This was the first game I ever played on my X Box, wasn't even aware this was happening. So excited.

Excellent... wait the 18th?

Damn, I'll be on holiday!

Whew, I was getting worried that the re release wasn't gonna happen this year, if at all.

Actually, that reminds me - where the hell is the Final Fantasy X rerelease?

Jet Set Radio Future was one of my favorite games of all time, but I never had a chance to play this game. I'm excited to buy this.

HAHA! FINALLY! An awesome (from what I've heard it's suppose to be awesome) game being released (on PC and 360) on my birthday! HUZZAH! I finally have something good happening on my birthday!! (Other then the fact that it's my birthday also Talk Like A Pirate Day)


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