Nintendo Power Ceasing Publication After 24 Years

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Tis a sad day. That's some childhood ending right there. Remember this?

This little free gift brought me so much happiness as a kid.

I still have that one along with a Play It Loud CD. Excellent stuff.

Another edifice of my youth tumbles and falls. Sad. I think I subscribed to that magazine for three years- I don't remember if I still have the mags themselves, but I remember the serial comics they did for Starfox and Metroid. I do know I still have their guides for Final Fantasy (the original) and Link to the Past, as well as that "The Invasion of Nintendo" promotional videotape they sent out.

Videotape. Wow, have I dated myself.

Wow. I had no idea Nintendo Power was that old. Came out the same month I was born. Dang, I still remember those creepy kids they used in the advertisements and stuff when I got my GameBoy.

In fact, my GameBoy still works, and is only a few feet away in my closet right now.

I gotta stop before all these memories flood out onto the forums.

Wow....Nintendo Frickin' Power....I'm actually amazed that it's still going on, I thought it died out long ago.

God, I remember my older brother had a subscription to that. Every issue from the start to about 1995 I believe. I used to love reading the Zelda and Mario comics they had (at least in the older issues). :3

Damn, this was a hard hit to my inner child.
So I went to youtube and listened to this

And now my eyes are full of tears...

At least it does get a final farewell unlike this British magazine I know (how is it that Computer and Video game magazine, the first video game mag in the UK simply got bought out by its competitor and they simply stop pressing it just like that?). I wounder if the UK counterpart (Official Nintendo Magazine will bare the same fate in the future?

This is a very sad day in the world of gaming...


Now instead of looking in a magazine for game clues, we'll just have to use a web bowser.

I think that killed me a little bit inside.

I miss hankman. he always had the best puns... stupid content quota we have to meet...

So the nintendo power is going out?

Tis a sad day. That's some childhood ending right there. Remember this?

This little free gift brought me so much happiness as a kid.

Why? Why would you make me so sad by posting that? :(

Tis a sad day indeed without Nintendo Power. It will be sorely missed by all I'm sure.

This was the only magazine I ever subscribed to, but that was back in middle school in the 90's.

After the N64 came out, I stopped buying it, and after I got my PS1 I pretty much stopped buying all but a few games for each new Nintendo console generation.

At the time it was an awesome magazine. Now gaming mags are terribly antiquated. They tell you "news" weeks after it breaks, give you tips you could get in 3 seconds online, have letters to the editor that are a poor substitute for a forum (like this one) and you get only whatever THEY deem as being worth previewing or reviewing.

Most previews are in TRAILER form these days. Most reviews have an AV component. Also print can't be easily edited when you give out false info or make an error.

And of course its neither free to print all that out nor for you to read.

Its just as bad as your local news. You only watch that, and then you will never know ANYTHING that is going on more than 2 counties away.

With the internet moving at the pace of reality, waiting an entire month to read old news (inbetween full page ads spanning 30% of each issue for crap) is probably the poorest use of anyone's money. And then you are left with paper garbage.

While I'm shocked that NP was still in print, I'm sad to see it go.

I was actually just doing my monthly check to see if I could get a sub for under $10. Cheap bathroom reading is cheap bathroom reading.

I'd be more sad to hear this if it wasn't that the book stopped being fun to read around the time the N64 died.

Sarah LeBoeuf:

The news was originally reported by Ars Technica, and confirmed by Nintendo Power Senior Editor Chris Hoffman on Twitter. Like many publications in the magazine industry, Nintendo Power struggled as online news sources became more and more popular.

This is all your fault, escapist.

I still have my copy of Dragon Warrior, delivered by nintendo power.

God damn that game was great.

Also, FF1 Strategy Guide!

God damn I miss those days.

Sometimes I miss those days too, sometimes. That strategy guide for FF1 was issue 17 or 18. It was the most abused issue of the NPs that I had, starting at issue 2. I had a subscription from then until 1995, when I picked up this brand new device Sony put out called a Playstation. It was one of the first gen NA models, with a SN of 37.

Goodbye, Nintendo Power. You were an awesome magazine. ;-;

I wonder if they would try to launch an online spin-off, like Cracked did.

I loved NP anyone have another physically existing game magazine for me to read (sorry escapist but I only care for the videos and forum here) and no suggesting game informer tried and disliked it

The funny thing is I actually just subscribed to Nintendo Power...I should be getting my first issue in the next couple of weeks. I never had a subscription as a kid and while I knew this was coming and guess I deserve to lose my...however much my subscription cost (don't remember the price). It seems unfair that Nintendo Power is going under while Game Informer is allowed to continue on.

Mr. Omega:
One of those things that we all saw coming, but are still hurt when it does actually happen. Still, part of me kinda wished that Nintendo Power would have at least outlasted Game Informer.

Best of luck to all those who were working there. I might actually pick up the final issue when it comes around...

What's with the hate on Game Informer? At least they're less bias than IGN or GamePro. Considering they're the only one that doesn't need to kneel before Zod to make sure game companies send them games to review.

I was a little late being a subscriber to these guys, so I missed the era of using Nintendo Power for cheats and such, but I loved it for different reasons. The sense of humor these guys had was great, always a ton of in-jokes and funny features. I always liked reading the section where people sent in letters, because the editor who responded always had something silly to say, and there were always people sending in their crazy Nintendo creations. I also used to like the art section immediately after that.

I definitely noticed an unfortunate decline around the time Future became their publisher. The price stayed the same, while the magazine itself got smaller and smaller. I ended my subscription probably 4-5 years ago. I ended up giving most of my collection away to good will. I kind of regret that. It'd be nice to have a big collection throughout the years, just to read all the old news, and the articles that will be long forgotten, not like on the internet where everything is archived, these magazines will be unfortunately forgotten too soon.

I might just have to pick up their last few issues, just for old time's sake.

I cancelled my subscription a year or so back. In the last few years the magazine stopped being as interesting as it used to be back when Nintendo published it.

This is terrible, Nintendo Power meant so much to me as a kid. This is depressing. I'm going to go be sad now.

Tis a sad day. That's some childhood ending right there. Remember this?

This little free gift brought me so much happiness as a kid.

I got the Mojora's Mask soundtrack (which was the gift of my last subscription, for in 2001 I got my first very own computer and a PC gamers since that day), a promotional preview tape of the N64 (from E3 I think, no idea how well it would show up, didn't play that VHS tape in over 12 years) and quite a few game in-depth game guide from subscription, favorite among those guide been what I use to consider my cheat bible [don't have it on hand for title since among the stuff that came to stay at parent house] which I actually got with my first subscription (March 1995 was my first issue if I remember right).

What?! No!

Such a shame... I remember reading a bunch of their magazines when I was little. I remember one particular cover stood out to me:

Good times. :)

A shame. Though Nintendo Power is really, REALLY superfluous nowadays with the easy access to the Internets, it's kind of a antiquity and a charm in itself, and it'll be sad to let it go.

Nice having it around, though.

Oh no! That mag was awesome! But not as awesome as GMR, if anyone remembers that one. It was kinda shot lived.

And then, a piece of my childhood died...

I never was a subscriber. Even before the internet was what it was, I wanted to read about upcoming games for all the consoles as opposed to just one, and that was when nintendo was actually a competitor when it came to good games. Given the sea of shovelware games that come out for the wii and(3)ds I could only imagine how strapped a modern iteration would be for legitimately interesting content. Also nothing is going to be a more blatant source of bias than a magazine published by the company who's games it reviews. Might as well just be a retail catalog.

It sucks for the people that lost their jobs, but honestly, that's the only tragedy here. As printed magazines as a whole start to become obsolete in the wake of the internet, something as niche as a gaming magazine that only focuses on the most casual console will be completely rightly put to rest.

I remember when I asked my parents to get me a new Gameinformer subscription and I got a Nintendo Power one instead. I was pissed, but eventually I started actually reading the magazines and fell in love. I never went back to gameinformer and have been subscribed to NP since.
This is very disappointing, but far from surprising. There's always infendo though.

And so my favorite magazine dies, and with it a special little place in my heart.

I will always remember the logo, because I stopped reading these when I was 12.

Well, that's the most depressing thing I've heard today. I have good memories of Nintendo Power, even though it's been what... six years since I cancelled my subscription? I still picked up an issue every now and again, it was just fun

I guess it makes sense why they are ending, but I'm sad to see them go. It's just another reminder that the times, they are a'changin

As we live out our time together,
I look back on where we had been
and reflect on the stories we shared.

We said hello me to now great friends.
We saw the promise of distant lands.
You shared such great secrets and tales.

Although our paths had grown apart,
it hurts to know you won't be there
always following just behind.

But as we live out our time together,
I promise these words will forever be true:
Our time together was time well spent.

Nintendo Power subscriber since Vol. 7

Ahhhhh nostalgia for Nintendo. Something i will never have. Having lived in the UK all my life and growing up in an era where Nintendo was already kind of an oddity from a different time i find it hard to understand people's attachment to Nintendo products and nostalgia therein.

That said i have been taught a great deal about just how much things like Nintendo Power meant to many kinds in the US (mainly by the excellent work of James Rolfe) so i guess i can kind of understand. Thing is i was always under the impression that Nintendo Power died in the late 90s along with Nintendo's relevance.

Woah. Well, this makes me feel old. I used to read these as a kid. Now I'm gonna have to go find all my old copies and look through them...

There goes one of the last vestiges of my childhood.

Back when I first got my SNES in '94, I was a loyal NP reader. I'd always eagerly anticipate the new issue, and I subscribed early in '96 - I still have my copy of the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time issue. I also found a ton of back issues in a second-hand store many years ago, and poured through them all.

Sure, they were always a glorified marketing mag for Nintendo, but they tons of exclusives, genuinely good comics (the Zelda and Super Metroid comics were amazing) and plenty of freebies - I managed to find an original copy of the DKC promo VHS from the early 90's).

They'll still live on in our memories.

As soon as Future US assumed publication of Nintendo Power, my interest in the magazine was absolutely destroyed. Future US stopped hosting interesting contests, dumped all over the opportunities of Canadian readers, stopped packaging interesting subscription bonuses, stopped publishing mini-guides, and their head editor was a bit of a dick in his response to reader letters. The glory days of Nintendo Power in the 90's, with its mail order catalogue, soundtrack offerings, cheat code central (those Goldeneye 007 codes!), and zany contests (a replica of the fishbone guitar from Majora's Mask? Hell yeah!) are all things I sorely missed in the last half of the decade.

This makes me sad, I have been subbed to this mag since I was four. this is going to be like losing a childhood friend.

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