Beautiful Trailer Draws You Into a Fairy Tale

Beautiful Trailer Draws You Into a Fairy Tale

Tengami takes a Western perspective on Japanese folklore.

Whatever else may be said about Tengami, one thing is clear: its trailer is eye-catching. From the distinctive environments to the interesting game mechanics, the whole experience looks gorgeous. This mysterious little puzzler from a UK-based developer has managed to capture the feel of a fairy tale.

"Tengami is an adventure game," according to its website, "full of wonder and mystery, set in Japan of ancient dark fairy tales. The world is at your fingertips as you manipulate it to solve puzzles and discover secrets." Though Japanese action origami can involve movement and moving parts, the kind of pop-up display seen in the trailer is more commonly associated with movable books, a Western art form with twelfth-century roots. The protagonist is unnamed, and exactly why this wanderer should want to travel at night through a wolf-infested (okuri-inu?) landscape remains unknown, for the moment at least.

Tengami is due in 2013, and will initially be an iPad release. A PC and Mac edition is also planned.

Source: Nyamnam via Game Informer


-"Tengami is an adventure game,"-

Well, I saw no adventure, and not really any game either.

Looks pretty, and might be interesting in that boring artsy kinda way.

"Perfect. They... are all... perfect..."

Reminds me of Sword and Sworcery in some regards. Style is very different obviously, but it has a certain atmosphere behind it that is shared with SaS. I'll possibly check it out, although I'm not sure if I'm in love with the trailer as other people are.

It look awesome! Kind of remind me of Viewtiful Joe in terms of keeping it 2D looking and abit of Okami. Definitely something I will buy for my PC!

"Perfect. They... are all... perfect..."

Please, the less Tom Cruise movies I can relate to this, the better.

OT: Looks quite interesting. I'd like to see some more gameplay of it before I get really excited about this.

Looks... interesting. Definitely a case of 'Doing it for the Art'. Although I can see the whole folding over pages thing getting annoying: "I just stepped through a door! Why do you need to take me out of the game for a second and a half!"

To be honest, that did not interest me at all. The basic idea is nice, but the colours and art design were drab, dull and unappealing to me. Way too much blue. (Although they use contrasting colors pretty well, I'll give them that). And what little gameplay we saw didn't look all that entertaining. If you want gorgeous fairy tale visuals, check out the Trine games. Now THAT is what I call beautiful.

It's pretty but omg it looks so boring.


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