Rocketbirds Rock the PC Preorders

Rocketbirds Rock the PC Preorders

If this is Friday, then it must be time for some chickens, guns and nonsensical hard rock.

Call me unsophisticated if you will, but this video of a gang of heavily-armed bird commandos running around blasting the danglies off everything in sight while inane hard rock pounds in the background has me laughing. And since I think it's funny, you get to watch it.

Rocketbirds has actually been around for awhile now, first as a Flash game that earned a handful of Independent Games Festival award nominations and then as Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken, which turned up on the PlayStation Network last year. A PC version is now on its way via Steam, Rain DG and Gamersgate, and anyone who preorders will also get four in-game tracks from New World Revolution (the guys who performed the song in this video) and the "Agent H" character, a budgie commando packing a photon blaster.

Rocketbirds features a 15-chapter solo game plus a separate ten-chapter co-op campaign, and even though I'm mainly here for the video the game looks like it might be some good fun too. As far as I know, a release date beyond "fall 2012" hasn't been formally announced, but Gamersgate has it dated for September 12. Here's hoping that's not too late.


burning out your eardrums not alone.

This actually looks really good! When I first saw it on PSN, I thought it was just one of those silly games people make to try to make money off of but never go very far. I'm going to have to look into this.

It strikes me very adult swim-like. Not necessarily a bad thing. Will look into it.

Why keep slagging New World Revolution's music? Nonsensical? Inane? What the hell?

This looks like a game worth clucking about!

Fun looking game and great music. I might just get this when I can actually buy it on Steam... why no Steam preorder?


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