New Super Mario Bros. 2 Tops August Videogame Sales

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Tops August Videogame Sales


Nintendo 3DS hardware sales increased 38% in August, thanks in part to the release of the 3DS XL.

August was a good month to be a 3DS owner, at least according to Nintendo. The publisher stated in a press release that New Super Mario Bros. 2 was the best-selling standalone title of the month, despite being released on August 19 and having "only five days of reported data." The platformer sold 240,000 within a few days of release.

Not about to be outdone, Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, which was released on July 31, amassed a solid 180,000 units sold. The press release states that it was the #2 individual software SKU of the month, right behind New Super Mario Bros. 2. The August 19 release of the 3DS XL only helped Nintendo's sales last month, with a 38% increase in 3DS hardware and a 68% increase in software over July's sales.

As Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Scott Moffit put it, "software sells hardware, and no one sells either quite like Mario." He added that the release of the 3DS XL "is driving increased interest" in older games like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The press release didn't mention specific sales numbers for the 3DS or 3DS XL, so it's unclear just how much of that 38% jump in hardware sales can be attributed to 3DS XL units sold.


If my 3DS kicks the bucket, I will definatly get an XL. Hopefully I'll get NSMB2 soon.

Have to say this makes me glad. good to see that the big N is doing well

Capcha: river song
... why must it taunt we with my least favorite Dr.Who character...

I'm going to be getting this game soon, myself.

The "gold" mechanics look addictive. If a bit Wario esque.

It's doing exactly what we expect from Nintendo. Finding weird and funky new game mechanics to draw people in and making that the focus of the game itself. And doing exactly what games should be doing.

the printing of money continues

I'm really liking my 3DS. Don't have many games for it yet (Have Link's Awakening off the store and bought OoT 3D when I picked up my 3ds), but it's still really good and the screen is perfect.

See, Nintendo, that's all it took. Decent games. WHY IS THIS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND?!

Now you know what would help you get more of my money? More and better eShop games, finally getting GBA games for the Virtual Console (not that I don't dig the 10 I got from the ambassador thing) and allowing people to develop shit on your consoles (seriously... bastion or braid on the 3DS... THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN)

btw, enjoying the shit out of Kingdom Hearts 3D. Amazing game. New Super Mario Bros 2 is okay and Silver Luigi and Kitsune Luigi are TEH AWESHUM. But seriously, the level expansion packs for that game better be purchaseable by gold coins otherwise I'm not collecting them anymore. I'm at 150k and already sick of it. It's like the worst part of RPG grinding.

Slightly fitting captcha question: Love me?`

Yes, yes I do, 3DS, I love you.

meanwhile, the vita gets to be the shiniest, high powered doorstop

what's that, sony? not really doing anything this christmas? i guess i'll just send a card then

oh, wait, I remember. you only take SPECIAL cards.

sorry, don't have those. cost too much. oh well!


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