See Sleeping Dogs in First Person With This Mod

See Sleeping Dogs in First Person With This Mod

This Sleeping Dogs mod isn't much use in combat, but it makes Hong Kong come alive.

Sleeping Dogs, the triad-busting crime sandbox from United Front Games, is played in third person perspective. However that wasn't enough for one enterprising PC modder, who invented a way of making you see Hong Kong from Wei Shen's point of view. You can drive through the city's mean streets in the first - or second, if that's what you'd prefer - person perspective.

It's still a bit rough around the edges, and the modder is working on improving the experience. Jerky mouse moves marred the original, and while that has been improved in more recent versions there's still a risk of getting an unexpected look at the inside of Shen's head. It probably wouldn't be much use in the hand-to-hand combat sequences either, and as the video shows gunplay isn't without its kinks. However as a more realistic look around the streets of Hong Kong, first person perspective definitely has its benefits.

The modder, identified only as Racer_S, is aware of the problems and admits this is very much a work in progress. "I rushed to get this out, so there may be something I missed but it's a lot more functional now and can be used when playing through missions," he said in a post on the Sleeping Dogs forums. For further information, have a look at Racer_S' website.

Source: PC Gamer


That's quite amazing, just looks so much more immersive.
Can't wait for a polished version.
in the next few years...

It's a very cool mod. I can't stop laughing at the stiffness of the driving though lol, those two frames for the steering.

First person driving in these kind of games is always more fun.

If only they released this game on the Mac. I've only got a Macbook in college, and this game could be a little piece of home if I could play it here.


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