Andriasang Shuts Down

Andriasang Shuts Down


One of Japan's most dependable gaming news sources closes its doors.

If you've read a press release from a Japanese company lately, chances are the translation came courtesy of Andriasang, a lightning-quick, English-speaking Japanese gaming news site that was essentially the backbone of Japanese game coverage in the West. I say "was" because today the site's sole writer, editor and translator, Anoop Gantayat, announced he won't be writing any more articles.

Gantayat, a former Japanese correspondent for IGN, started the site in 2008 and quickly made a name for himself by providing fast and accurate translations of Japanese press releases and gaming news. Now he's decided to move on to new, non-gaming-related projects.

"I've decided to take up a new opportunity that will hopefully keep me really busy, so I will be ceasing daily updates," writes Gantayat. "I may do some database-driven stuff and technology tests (look closely, and you may see the site's backend code base change from PHP to node.js!), but I won't be doing articles or updates. The site's archive and comments will remain in place, so you can still consult old content."

"Thanks for reading all these years, and a special thanks to everyone who registered and posted comments - even the punk asses I banned."

Source: Andriasang


This does not please me.

No, it does not.

I love Andriasang. I really do. I wish him the best, but I'm gonna miss it.

Well, I must say, this does not sit well with me, either. I'm glad he's able to move onto something that is likely in-line with what he wants. Though I'm horrible with names, and this site's was one I remembered, if only for the amount of times I have seen it referenced.

A community driven site could easily take his place.
In fact, he could hand over management of his site to them to facilitate the process.

google translate away!

I'm sure others will take his place....

Did the Escapist adopt Destructoid's method of news illustration? Because I can't even tell whether that's a good thing.

Well, this sucks. They were the easily the most--if not one of the only--reliable sites with regards to gaming news out of Japan. And to shut down so close to TGS is definitely not the best time for it to do so.

God damn it.
When I'm not here I'm there.
Now I'm sad.

I gotta mimic what seems to be the consensus here, a damned shame. Accurate news is difficult to get at the best of times, especially when it needs translating. Hopefully someone at least half as reliable can fill in for the guy, otherwise gaming news will start getting decidedly more western...

That's a real damn shame. Andriasang was a good, no-bullshit video game news site. Other sites THAT SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS could learn a lot from his example of simple, clean, to-the-point reporting with no editorializing.

Damn...I'll never know anything about AC6 now until I buy it. -_-

Err this is the first time I ever heard of that site, well I better take a good look at it before it's competely gone.

There there Dawson

there there *pat pat*


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