Grimrock Dungeon Editor Arrives on Steam

Grimrock Dungeon Editor Arrives on Steam

A beta version of the long-awaited Legend of Grimrock dungeon editor is now available to the public.

It's good news for all the old-school dungeon builders out there, as the Legend of Grimrock editor has finally been released. Sort of, anyway: it's a beta version, and with all the internal changes made to the game to allow modding, you can expect a few bugs. It's also currently restricted to Steam versions of the game, because Steam allows Almost Human to do "frequent incremental updates" as issues arise.

Non-Steam spelunkers can assist with documentation and the model and animation exporters, and feature requests and suggestions are still being taken. In any event, the editor isn't expected to remain a Steam exclusive for long. "We know that many of you would just want to start using the editor right away, and we too are very eager to finally release this beast," the team wrote. "So our intention is to keep the beta short and sweet and release the editor as soon as possible."

In other news, the Grimrock Nexus is also expected to go live today. The Nexus is mod management software that simplifies the installation of mods and also serves as a database of mods and related assets and information. There's not much to see right now, for obvious reasons, but I'd expect it to bulk up fairly quickly.

To access the editor, just right-click Legend of Grimrock in your Steam library, select Properties and then enable the beta opt-in, after which it should download automatically. To find out more, hit up the official Modding Forum at

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I think I just peed a little.

I like how the cow is an insta kill :P

FINALLY! ive been waiting for this forever! Steam Workshop! go!

this is fantastic! *downloads*

Always nice to hear that devs are breathing extra life into their games, and for free? Say no more.

Man, I need to get around to finishing that game.
Got stuck on that fucking maze of teleporting bullshit whatever, and then lost my save file with my new PC.

I have never tried modding or map editing in PC games (being new to PC gaming an all) and when I have had a look at stuff, it's really intimidating, but this looks like it will be simple to use.

So long as it has basic teaching on how to use it, I will definitely look into it in depth, if not, it's free so I will still give it a go.

Legend of Grimrock was one of the first Steam games I ever owned.

Awesome. I love this game and the grid based nature should make it accessible to many meaning some interesting and clever levels should be inbound from the most creative and dedicated.

Can't wait to see what the community turns out! I loved that game, and I'll continue to love it as long as there is content for it. I am interested in hearing if their are plans for a sequel. I would love to see a hybrid of this and a souls game.

Coolness!!! Kinda wish I had time to tinker with this....


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