007 Legends Revives Oddjob, Lasers and Golden Floozies

007 Legends Revives Oddjob, Lasers and Golden Floozies

The latest 007 Legends reveal is a mix of classic and modern movie moments.

There are moments in Bond cinema that have become iconic; the laser scene in Goldfinger is one such, and it looks as though the 007 Legends team have left that - and other scenes - virtually untouched, in their latest mission reveal. In the movie Sean Connery had the title role but this time a Daniel Craig lookalike takes the lead, as a younger Bond investigates the misdeeds of a certain gold-obsessed madman. It joins Moonraker, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Die Another Day and License to Kill in the list of Bond classics Legends will be referencing.

Goldfinger was the film that really kicked off the Bond movie franchise, so it's unsurprising that 007 Legends would want to use it in their series of flashback moments. The game opens with Bond in a coma remembering snippets of his career, in a deliberate move intended to allow the developer to reference as many movies as possible. "In 007 Legends," says the website, "you'll take on the role of James Bond as played by Daniel Craig, running missions in the most iconic settings of 007's five-decade film history."

Iconic meaning Fort Knox, Operation Grand Slam and a battle to the death with Oddjob deep in the gold vaults apparently, but when not touching the nostalgia buttons gameplay seems more modern action-oriented, what with the rockets-red-glare, train-hopping and ubiquitous chest high walls. The intent is to use five movies plus a sixth new mission - Skyfall - in the game, and with Goldfinger announced that means the list is complete. What, no Live and Let Die? Dammit all ...

This little slice of Bond nostalgia is due out for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 in October 2012.

Source: USA Today


So this game you play through several movies? Now that sounds awesome, but as Daniel Craig? >.>

"The uploader has not made this video available in your country."

I have a sad. I wanted to start my day with the Bond theme.

Also, c'mon, quit hating on the U.S.A, uploader.

I ended up looking up the trailer before reading this, and I can't deny the game actually looks pretty cool. I might get it, though not on release probably since Assassin's Creed 3 is right around there (a week after I believe).

My Captcha thing was "Cherry On Top". Interesting.


Shame that I will be playing Xcom then,

007 Legends Revives Oddjob, Lasers and Golden Floozies

Could you recommend a proxy server maybe?

So this game you play through several movies? Now that sounds awesome, but as Daniel Craig? >.>

Yep, you get to be the best Bond for all of them. Obviously the game will be shit, but every cloud has a silver-lining.

(Or is anyone seriously expecting this to rise above shit into levels of non-shit?)

Play through many Bond movies? Sounds great! Play them all as Daniel Craig...uhhhhh no. Any of the previous James Bonds than him please. Or better yet, get someone new instead. All the actor would need is a somewhat heavy male British accent (just get any of the actors for the Dragon Age games) and your set!

They could not have made the game with Sean Connery?! Why?! Why?! This is so awkward...

Oh Oddjob. You were so OP in GoldenEye007

Not available in my country. Damn it.
*checks source* Oh wtf.



Please, someone... ANYONE make it stop. This whole game is just a giant turd dumped on bond. Not just the games, either- the movies too. When are they going to learn that they can't just fill up their trailers with crashing helicopters that had noting to do with the original stories and plaster *that* version of the theme on top over and over again and call it a day?

Everything I see about this game just makes me sick. Not just the Craig thing, but the CODifying of all the classic stories that worked fine without such useless shit thrown in everywhere.

We're supposed to believe that it's a modern day story but Pussy Galore is just walking around with early 60's hair like it's all the rage?

This game and the company who made it needs to die in a fire. Activision needs to just give the license to someone who has the balls to push for Goldeneye xbla/wii to come out instead.

Really- I'd take a re-release of a fifteen year old game over this BondCOD crap anyday.

personally I like Craig
see the thing is I've quite enjoyed myself playing through Bond games from Quantum of Solace (aka Casino Royale + some) and Bloodstone was fun
but I just finished, forced myself to finish, Goldeneye 007 Reloaded...forced myself to finish. I just felt a bit broken afterwards haha...

something just feels amiss :/


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