Choose From 50 Fates in State of Decay

Choose From 50 Fates in State of Decay


Of the 50 characters in State of Decay, about half will have detailed plotlines to play through.

Still no word on a release date for State of Decay - spring of next year, possibly, is as far as the developer will go - but that hasn't stopped Undead Labs from talking about what the game will offer you when it finally hits retail. Previously it was hinted that you could carry on your story by switching from one character to another when your avatar dies. Now Undead Labs has started talking about how many playable characters will feature in this open world zombie apocalypse survival game.

There are going to be 50 characters in-game, of which about half will have detailed storylines to play through. The rest will be randomized, with slightly less well developed backstories. "Everybody has a personality and everybody has some unique dialogue lines," said Undead Labs writer Travis Stout. So even those randomized characters have something going for them, and of course each has their own skill set, which means they'll be better at doing some things than others. However fatigue plays its part, so once your fearless zombie hunter staggers back to camp covered in gore you'd best have a back-up plan for what to do next.

Your forward planning will have a huge impact on State of Decay, as you'll need to balance long-term goals against short-term objectives. "Finding this food cache or finding these medical supplies might get us through the next day, two days, week," Stout said, "but what about the next month? The next six months? The next year?" You're constantly going to be thinking ahead, because it's either that or end up in a zombie's belly; assuming disease or starvation doesn't get you first, of course.

This former MMO turned single player survival horror game should get a lot of zombie fans drooling when it finally releases ... so a release date would be nice, but as they're currently in Alpha there's a while to wait yet. You'll just have to munch on someone else's brains in the meantime!

Source: Eurogamer


I get more and more excited the more I hear of this game. To really give characters who may die five minutes in personailities and backgrounds is great. It'll mean we'll really work hard to survive and hopefully be genuinely upset when someone doesn't make it. It'll also be harder to send people off to certain death just so others can survive. Very excited.

And spring will come incredibly quickly. For me, anyway.

Looks really good, I bet there will be a bunch of people who will complain about the permenent death aspect though, I think it is quite cool.

From the way they dress you'd think it was a Welfare State.
I don't mind permadeath as long as it allows you to save anytime.

50 fates, huh?

*places hand over heart*

I pledge alignment to the frag in these united fates of a merry game...

(Sorry...being American, that sounds very close to 50 STATES to me.)

"Plays better on 'Microsoft Immersion'" using this and this.

Y U NO COME OUT ON PS3?! Can someone Kickstart this onto PS3? Reeeeeeeeealllllly want this.

Wait, single player?

Will this game have any aspects of co op or anything like that?

Haven't heard of this till now, but looks and sounds like a game to keep an eye on. Will be very interesting to see how this develops and turns out. Hope it's multiplayer, or RPGesque, or both! Party based survival horror...OMG.


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