Google Maps Great Barrier Reef With Beautiful Panoramas

Google Maps Great Barrier Reef With Beautiful Panoramas


Google Maps and Catlin Seaview Survey team up to take you underwater - for science!

There's something magical about a reef; it's like seeing the planet through the eyes of an alien, as you navigate clumsily through a colorful new world filled with life and movement. Catlin Seaview appreciates that not everyone gets the chance to see what they see, and to compensate it has teamed up with Google Maps to create underwater panoramas for everyone to enjoy.

Catlin has a dedicated YouTube channel as well as its panoramic vistas of Heron Island, its current Australian base, and the waters around it. Visitors can visit Heron Island virtually, seeing all its underwater beauty first-hand. The site even features a Virtual Dive Mode, imposing a mask on the panoramic shots for those who want that added touch of realism. Some of it is filmed by human teams using experimental cameras, but Catlin uses robots for the full fathom five moments.

It's all part of a long-term project to increase awareness of oceans and the role they play in planetary survival. "They regulate the climate and make our planet habitable," says Catlin's website. "They are integral to our very survival, yet for all of our reliance, they largely remain as they have always done, out of sight and out of mind." The more people who see what's out there, the better it is for science; so Catlin decided to take you there and let you explore for yourself.

Catlin Seaview is sponsored by Catlin Group, a reinsurance firm with an interest in risk management and therefore environmental issues. Heron Island is just the first in a series of targets Catlin Seaview intends to film. Hawaii, the Philippines and Bermuda are next on Catlin's coral reef itinerary.

Source: Catlin Seaview Survey


Now to find Nemo

wow sounds awesome

I'm on board for this adventure

Apple, where's my goddamn Google Maps? Oh yeah, you changed it for your perfect Maps, the one that's based on Earth 2 (that earth with Eiffel tower on the other corner and and museums under the sea)...

For Science!!!

Finally, The promise of the Internet might come too pass. For a time, I thought "not in my lifetime" but now, NOW. Knowledge, At my finger tips.

Too think, in centuries past, only the wealthy could go too higher education. Only they could afford too slack around all day studying instead of beating the "cursed earth".

With the blessing of the Heavens, and the drive too do it, we might see a new age in knowledge building. A new age in thinking. A NEW AGE FOR HUMANITY.

(wow, I got worked up there fast)

also perhaps we may finally figure out where the hell cthulhu is because seriously this undelivered mail is just PILING UP here

This is nice, now i can see panorama of the other side of the planet.


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