Black Ops II Designer Thinks Gamers "Should All Play Multiplayer"

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Mr Cwtchy:
Well with all due respect David Vonderhaar, go fuck yourself.

Depending on how Blops 2 MP turns out, there may be more people that feel this way.

I played COD 4, WAW and modern warfare 2. Their is nothing left for me to see.

Really? Is he just trolling or something? That like a rich guy complaining that he doesnt have enough money. Its COD, a shitload of people play COD only for the MP. What an ass

Fuck that, don't tell me how to fucking play your game. If I want to sit down and avoid all the homophobic, idiotic, childish trolls and hackers by playing alone, I should be allowed (In that note, keep a better eye on your multiplayer or stop whining).

You don't want us to play alone? Pull a SOCOM or a MAG and make your game strictly Online Multiplayer. Simple as that.

And yes, I know they've worked hard on it and people would be missing out on stuff...and still. People are entitled to play the game any way they want to. if I want to buy the game and use it as a frisbee, that's fine. You got my money already, the game is mine and that's that (It's another issue with hackers, I know. Don't even go there).

I like playing CoD by myself. I'm not very good at it but I enjoy it. Every now and then, if I feel like getting my butt kicked, I go play online. But then I run into the issues listed above and I leave. I like CoD but don't try and force me in a way I wouldn't enjoy it.

(Edit: Yeah, I might be overreacting. But if the multiplayer was better, I would probably agree with him. I love playing Gotham City Impostors and that's online only. yet, it's so balanced and fun that I don't give a crap. That's my issue.)

Statements like this genuinely make people like this guy seem stupid. He is making the common error that since we aren't doing what he thinks we should be doing, we must be doing something wrong. It's fine they want to concentrate on MP rather than SP. But he is just plain wrong if he thinks there is something he can do that would make me want to play it. I have only bought the COD games when they were on extreme sales because they put just enough effort into their SP that the 5 hours is worth about $15-20, IMO. They should just stop though, it's starting to be just plane not good.

There would have been a better way to phrase this. Instead of telling me that my gameplay habits bug the shit out of you, better to tell me that you feel that I might be missing out on a lot of the Black Ops 2 experience by not playing MP. Then tell me that you've set up a system to help ease people like me, who don't play MP, into it just to try it out, and maybe give us a leg up so that we can feel some confidence in going online like that. Telling me I bug the shit out of you makes me just want to smack you around for a while.

Why are some of these people allowed to talk to the press at all? They are walking PR nightmares.


I understand that they're really proud of multiplayer, and have worked bloody hard on it, but it's not my bag. The focus towards multiplayer rather than the solo campaign is why I stopped buying CoD games. It's just not the game type for me. Too haphazard and schizophrenic.

"play multiplayer"

"'s OK. i'm doing fi.."



Oh, look, it's one of those "I'm butthurt because people don't enjoy the same things as me, and if they do they don't do it MY way !" kind of whiny gamers. Anyway, why is this guy getting an interview ?
*Reads article*
Wait, this guy is a DEV ?!
Well, I'm sure there is a perfectly rationnal approach to all of this. They obviously want to sound pretentious to drive away the COD-kiddies from their elitist game so they feel special and...
*Finishes reading*
Oh. This is a COD dev. Well, it's obvious that when designing a game, one needs to market it by pushing people AWAY, right ?
Wait, I think I'm confused...

If Activision employ a PR department, shouldn't they sort of put a lid on these kind of quotes?

I think Activision's idea of a PR department told him to say this.

Why? Because they are still delusional towards their actual image in the eyes of gamers. Besides, why wouldn't he want more people playing multiplayer? It means more people paying for their lazily done, highly overpriced, shitastic multiplayer DLC!

Ummm I think the title here is a bit misleading. Unless I missed something, the designer isn't saying all gamers should play multiplayer games, just the ones who play his game.

I have a problem with people telling me what to play, I'm not really and FPS kind of guy but I get the appeal. In this particular instance he doesn't seem to be saying everyone should be playing multiplayer games all the time.

Instead it seems to me that he would like people who buy his game to take in the full experience. If you buy COD or BF and don't play multiplayer you are essentially missing half of the content that the creators of the game built. I can see how that would bug the creators. I am sure he could have said it a bit differently, but it seems to me that he just wants people to make sure they experience the entire game and not just one aspect or the other.

Again, I am sure there was a better way to say this, but still, that doesn't necessarily make him wrong. I mean you spent $60 on this game, why only play half of it.

i'll play your multiplayer, when it stops being shit. hell i may play the games too, if only they weren't michael bay wankfests with more explosions and less substance.

Fuck off.

Recycled and uninteresting multiplayer modes bug the shit out of me.

Work on it, Vonderhaar.

If I want multiplayer, I'll play Counter-Strike. It's better. I really enjoyed the single player campaign in Modern Warfare, but I just can't see myself playing it in multiplayer regularly.

P.S. Thanks

But I don't want to play multiplayer! No matter how much 'easing in' a developer gives me.

I want to be told a story, explore places I've never been.

Not run around, worried about when I'm gonna get slaughtered by some guy 50 levels above me.

One of the most fun things I like to do is explore multiplayer maps alone; look at the layout, the design and the stories the environment is trying to tell.

Sure, I'll get glimpses of that between hailstorms of lead, but that's not as fun. Especially if you're playing for fun, not to win every time.

I can see his point with COD if you are buying the game for the single player then you clearly have too much money and you have played every other game in the world although if it annoys them so much they should just get rid of the single player.

Man, after a long and stressful day at work, you know what I like to do? Kick my feet up, put on my headphones and listen to a bunch of prepubescent boys with high-pitched nasal voices call my mother's sexual proclivity into question.

...sorry, my sarcasm gland spasmed there; seems it got all over the screen. I'll get a mop.

Man, that title is misleading. Cus of the article theres going to be alot of people throwing insults at him because they think he wants single player gone.

I agree with him 100% honestly. I dont know why there is still a single player for COD (MW was a good story, although short), but COD is made for multi-player, the campaign is just the icing on the cake. They are putting most of their hard time into the online experience, and they really want people to experience it, because they arent experiencing what COD was made for.

Lets keep calm now peeps, he just wants more peeps to experience his work. Personally I don't give a flying fudge about COD or most multiplayer modes (outside of Timesplitters anyway) but you can't blame the guy... he is being abit of a Moody Maudy though.

Fuck you too buddy. I preordered Borderlands 2 and have invested quite some time into it and guess how much multiplayer I played?

2 minutes!

Does that sound like someone who wants to play multiplayer?!

CAPTCHA: I think so - Fuck you.

I've been ninja's by this I just want to say: " GO FUCK YOURSELF VONDERHARR I say this with disrespect and no kindness at all. I am only a fan of a few multiplayer modes. I would rather play a game with a great story than a game with a mediocre or horrible story and any level of multiplayer. So if I ever decide to play CoD again I will be playing the story campaign. I prefer the story more than anything else and I have not had a good record with amazing killer stories in the CoD series (MW2 and BP1). I also can't fanthom why it matters to you as long as you get the 20 million plus sales you are bound to get. I understand that you put a lot of work into the MP but thats only part of the game. A large part for sure but only a part. So until you make an Online only CoD game than please, just let players enjoy the game as long as they legally purchased it and are not breaking the servers or anything like that.

The above refers to if he means all gamers need to play MP.

If anyone has a link to the transcript of this interview or close to it, that would be appreciated. I think he is referring to the CoD base only and if he is well than he should just let people play the game how they bought it. I just can't help but think this article is really taking this out of context.

If Activision employ a PR department, shouldn't they sort of put a lid on these kind of quotes?

Don't be crazy the whole reason Activision had for hiring a PR Department was to find the worst possible statements to say to gamers!

You know what...fine. The game is multiplayer-centric, and it is VERY easy to see the, "We offer so much content in the multiplayer and I think people who just play single player are missing out" quote that is hideing just beneath the surface here. Yeah, the quotes not good, but thats because he doesn't sound like a PR type, and forcing multiplayer is a sore subject these days, between Spec Ops calling there multiplayer mode a Cancerous growth, to EA talking about the death of single player games, which would be disastrous for the medium. But give this guy some slack: He is not saying that his SP is bad, or that other gam,es should move away from SP. He is just saying that not playing the MP portion is missing out on a lot of content. And you know what? Hes not wrong. Don't burn him at the stake for not wording his idea perfectly.

So much this, thank you for wording what I wanted to in a much more eloquent fashion, I really don't get why he's getting told to go fuck himself.

EDIT: Wow, fucking really guys. I've been here a while and I have never seen this amount of venom aimed at anyone before. You do realise he's talking about people that are playing CoD? Which sounds like none of you and yet you still seem to be so vile and hateful towards a guy who wants the people who his game is aimed at to play the whole game. You make me sick.

Why do people get CoD for the single player anyway?

Yes sir Mr. David Vonderhaar sir! Do you think we should buy all the downloadable maps so that you can get more money too? Of course sir! Stupid of me to ask sir!


I do play COD mulitplayer, I've even enjoyed it-but I also love single player. I will play BLOPS 2's multiplayer but don't think for a second that's the sole reason I'm getting it.

Captcha: "Create new things"-in a COD game? Ho ho!

I have to admit, I really don't see why someone would buy a CoD game not play online.

It's a MP centric game, atleast 90% of it's content is online. Why buy a game solely for an uninspired afterthought of a cinematic tutorial? I don't even dislike the franchise (sure enough I haven't played much of it since MW2 but still.) It would be like buying a car and just sitting in it making vroom noises.

Yup, it's that time again. Time for the CoD hate-train to leave the station, loaded with the same tired, incorrect complaints as last time, and the time before that.

Every CoD thread makes me glad you people don't play the game, because if I had to listen to your bullshit while trying to enjoy a game I like, or even for the 3 seconds before I mute you, I'd fucking hang myself.

At what point did the presence of bots in multiplayer (even local) fall out of favor? I remember some of the best times I ever had playing FPS games as a kid were on one of the James Bond games for Gamecube, Nightfire I think it was. Myself and a couple of friends would make a game with us and bots and just go to town for hours, when did this stop being a feature? This may just be nostalgia talking but that was freaking awesome!

As someone with some minor anxiety problems from interacting with people, multiplayer makes me uncomfortable and makes the game less fun for me to play. I hate that game creators seem to be forcing me to interact with total strangers when all I want to do is play a freaking game. So, shove off, ya prick.

Sniper Team 4:
And it bugs the shit out of me that you included a multiplayer trophy that says I have to get to level 50. So we can't all have what we want, can we? I'll play your multiplayer, but not because I want to. Because I have to. You had it right in Black Ops: one or two trophies for multiplayer that were easy to obtain. Then, if the player decided they liked it, they could keep playing of their own free will. Now, with the trophy that says you must Prestige once, I'm forced to play it all the way to the end. And if sniping someone still takes two to three shots like it did in Black Ops, I'm not going to enjoy it.

There are no multiplayer chievos in COD (not counting Zombies). As far as I know there have never been any.

Apart from that, I never did understand ppl. that bought Cod for its campaign. I also don't get why ppl. here are making such a fuss about the statement. The developers feel they worked hard on the online component and want ppl. to have fun with it. No reason to f them off or call for shotguns to the face. Jebus, overreact much?

I'll say this as someone who enjoyed both the multiplayer and single player aspects of Modern Warfare 3, and as a fan of Team Fortress 2.

It's not for everyone. People who don't get used to the mechanics or are fast enough get killed quickly, and people can get sick of it if they die enough times. The determined ones would grind for hours, but a lot of people will just through the Multiplayer portion aside and either go for the Single-Player game or another game entirely.
Plus, some people just want a decent story, and multiplayer doesn't present a story the same way as single player. Sure, you've got Left 4 Dead and Zombie mode in the Treyarch CoD games, but the fact that it's multiplayer imposes various restrictions on how to tell the story. It's not as cinematic and parts of it may have to be rushed; hindering the overall storyline.
Additionally, some people are happy with playing a game themselves, and you can't force them to do otherwise.

And I think the push for socially integrated games is detrimental to the genre as a whole. Look at the multiplayer-Sim City reboot coming out next year; while they let you play alone much of the game's economy is affected by all the players in the game. Plus, the imposing of multiplayer forced the Game Devs remove elements of the game that made the previous Sim City fun, i.e. terraforming, certain transportation options, and the ability to build large megacities.
Another example? Spec Ops: The Line. It's IMO one of the finest single-player stories since Bioshock, and while it wasn't perfect, it might've been better if the devs weren't forced to focus part of their efforts on the game's multiplayer portion, which even one of the Developers labeled as trash. There are games that only need a single-player mode and nothing more, and cramming a multiplayer mode into them will hinder more than help.

I'm not condemning multiplayer of course. I'm all for harmony between multiplayers and single-player games, and I think neither can possibly replace the other. To each to his own preferred style of play, and you can't force them to change their tastes.

To be fair, this is just one single line from a single person from Treyarch, so I think people are either rolling it into something exaggerated, or taking it out of context. Hopefully Vonderhaar will clarify his statements.

If you want people to play multiplayer, why do you even bother to put in a single player mode? Let's just stop beating around the bush with crappy token single player campaigns, and just focus all your effort on the multiplater you love so much.

inb4: people not reading the article.
I have arrived to late...

OT:Don't knock it until you try it I enjoyed the multiplayer in the first couple modern warfare games and while not as much in the newer versions I think its worth at least playing till level 5 so you understand what everyone is talking about.
But good job Escapist you really put that quote in poor context.

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