Double Fine Discounts Every Game It's Ever Made

Double Fine Discounts Every Game It's Ever Made


Dubbing the month "Rocktober," the gang at Double Fine is offering sales as high as 81% on its most popular titles.

If you're a Costume Quest nut, a Brütal Legend aficionado, or just happen to like pretty much whatever Double Fine puts out, then welcome to Rocktober, the month that keeps on giving. Double Fine has decided to put every single game it ever made on sale this week, on every platform those games are sold.

Say you have Costume Quest on Steam already, but wouldn't mind having it on Xbox Live too. It can be yours, for 50% off the asking price. In fact, pretty much everything Double Fine has is at least at 50% off, with the exception of Brütal Legend - 81% off on Xbox and PS3 - and Once Upon a Monster, which Amazon is selling at a mere 15% discount. Still, it's a discount; a full list of all titles and the percentages off can be found here.

"You're probably having trouble deciding which of these ridiculous deals to take advantage of," says Double Fine. "Let us help: all of them." Now there's a cunning plan!

Source: Double Fine


I might buy the signed copy of Brutal Legend... that's pretty neat to say the least.

I'll just go ahead and spew some speculation.

This could be a well timed move to gather up a flash sum of money to fund the Double Fine Adventure. Perhaps production was held back by some deadline not being met or to fix some faults and since the working hours have already been booked they couldn't just tell the staff not to show up. So they probably spent a little more on accumulated expenses but the workload remained and the schedule had already shifted, bla bla bla...

None of this means that you shouldn't buy or enjoy these great games at such low prices.
I am simply excited about the adventure game.

All these deals means you actually get more per cent.

Cool. I picked up pretty much all the ones I cared about during the Steam summer sale, but if anyone still hasn't played some of these games, they're generally good to great. The only exception I'd make is Brutal Legend, which really, you get more out of it by watching the cut-scenes on youtube and skipping the very bland and forgettable gameplay.

Which is the game shown in the picture?

Vault Citizen:
Which is the game shown in the picture?

costume quest

So, thanks to Susan, I'm going to get Costume Quest. Can I get an Escapist Staff opinion on Stacking, Iron Brigade and Brutal Legend? I'm generally a fan of the three genres they represent.

Huh. I would've liked to pick up Brütal Legend for PC, but there's no discount. Then I checked on amazon. I never realised that game was never released for the PC. Weird.
I might've picked up Costume Quest if it weren't Steam.

I know it's not owned by Double Fine, but every time I hear news about Double Fine, I hope that it's related to them acquiring the licence to sell Grim Fandango. Although, this is pretty good too.

Thank you for writing this article, I probably wouldn't have even noticed it on my own. I hate unadvertised steam sales.

I MIGHT get Brutal Legend and Costume quest. They were games that I played and was mildly interested in so I never officially bought them. But hey, if they're discounted, I'll think about it.

This could be a well timed move to gather up a flash sum of money

They made four times the amount of money they asked for on KS. This isn't even an issue. I can't believe we're even at a point where a gaming sale engenders conspiracy theories about their production schedule...?

Just a heads up, if you're planning on buying Brutal Legend for PS3, Don't buy it.

EA pretty much said 'Fuck all PS3 players' and took away the multiplayer for no reason. They sldo took out the demo and every DLC pack for it. So that's cool.

Anyway, this is great. I might go for Stacking or Costume Quest on Steam later. :D


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