Serious Sam 3: Jewel of the Nile Rocks the Launch Trailer

Serious Sam 3: Jewel of the Nile Rocks the Launch Trailer

There's no better way to say "Hello Tuesday" than with a short, sharp burst of explosive violence.

This may not be the most innovative launch trailer you've ever seen. If not for the title graphic, it might not even be immediately distinguishable from other Serious Sam 3 trailers that included all sorts of ridiculous weapons, exploding guts and heavy metal. Because yes, when you get right down to it, Serious Sam 3: Jewel of the Nile really is more of the same. But more of the same awesomeness is still awesome, am I right?

The Jewel of the Nile DLC will add three new "massive" missions to the game as well as the Aludran Reptiloid, an ill-tempered opponent from previous Serious Sam games. The sniper rifle and laser rifle have both been upgraded, there's a brand-new battleaxe to play with and a new, "gargantuan" final boss to try it on. Good luck with that. Also on the menu are more Steam cheevos, and jetpacks! Because everything is better with a jetpack.

The great thing about Serious Sam is that what you see is what you get. Big muscles, small brain, guns, guts, a hint of tasteful nudity and violence a-plenty. But hey, if you want something different you can always check out this piano cover of the Serious Sam 3: BFE theme song. It's pretty excellent too.

Steam says that Serious Sam 3: Jewel of the Nile will be ready to go at around 2 pm EST today, "today" being October 16. The Xbox 360 version of both Serious Sam 3: BFE and Jewel of the Nile will arrive on XBLA tomorrow.


I love this series, its a great throwback to doom and the original FPS's. I'm really glad they went back to their old style of killing the entering of a hevey metal album to rocken music, Cause while I still kinda like Serious Sam 2, it was to light, cartoony, and gave me complete tonal whiplash after the first game.

The game would be perfect if they removed the reloading mechanic which above all else is just annoying, even if it was meant to be a jab at pseudo-realistic military shooters.


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