Mass Effect Prequel Novel Announced

Mass Effect Prequel Novel Announced

A prequel to Bioware's upcoming Mass Effect title will be published as a novel.

Del Rey, a divison of book publisher Random House, will be publishing Mass Effect: Revelation, a prequel to Bioware's upcoming Xbox 360 title Mass Effect. Drew Karpyshyn, who also wrote the game's script, is penning the novel. Revelation will follow Alliance war hero David Anderson as he works to uncover a mysterious conspiracy.

Del Rey editor Keith Clayton commented, "We're excited to be working on original MASS EFFECT novels with BioWare, whose track record of successful and high-quality video games speaks for itself. And between Drew's close involvement with the MASS EFFECT IP and his ability to tell an engaging story, the novels will draw fans even further into the rich world of MASS EFFECT."

Ray Muzyka, CEO of BioWare, added, "We're excited to be working with Del Ray Books on expanding the Mass Effect universe. We are thrilled to have Drew writing the book as he has the knowledge and skills to make a great novel."


My theory is, if you need a book to help people understand the story, you're not doing your job right...

Could just be apart of the grand plan to make money, books, t-shirts, flimsy pre-order bonus, micro-transactions and action figures, movie to come later....

Too right. Microsoft needs to get their games division back in the black, so they are gonna exploit every big franchise they have as much as possible.

Personally I'm gonna take the positive angle and suggest that if there is enough story to write two books on top of the games story, then its probably a pretty expansive universe that they are creating.

I've never read any novels set in computer game worlds, but I have to admit I'm somewhat curious about this and the Halo novels. Even if they're just pulp fiction, if they're good pulp fiction they might still be worth reading, like watching a good action movie.

Funny in hindsight as this book turned out to be awesome.

Wow nice necro...

I do agree that the novels are good, but I personally wouldnt say awesome.


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