PS Move Wheel Somehow Adds Motion Control to Every Game

PS Move Wheel Somehow Adds Motion Control to Every Game


Early adopter finds that Sony's new accessory adds waggle to every game on your shelf.

Regardless of your feelings for or against the practice, motion control is now an inescapable part of gaming as a whole. However, the majority of games for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 don't rely on the new mechanic, and Kinect- and Move-specific titles are the exception rather than the rule. But fear not, it seems the newly-released PS Move Racing Wheel can add motion controls to any PlayStation 3 game, regardless of its advertised compatibility.

iWaggle3D is reporting that a reader has tested the wheel with several games not officially compatible with Move, and found that the controller still works. The accessory is only recognized by the PlayStation 3 system as a racing wheel for compatible titles like Burnout Paradise and ModNation Racers, but when playing a game without Move support, the controller can be used in place of a DualShock 3. Then, while playing the game, you can tilt the controller for movement and other in-game actions instead of using an analog stick.

Albert Chen, the reader in question, even tweeted a photo showing a section in the controller's manual detailing how to use the motion controller on other titles. He tested the controller on unsupported games such Need For Speed Shift 2, Gran Turismo 5, and Sonic The Hedgehog 2, and found that they worked fine, without even the need to set up the PS Eye - which is normally needed for PS Move titles to work properly.

Before anyone screams "Witchcraft!" it's important to remember that calibrating a motion controller to mimic the inputs of an analog stick isn't exactly rocket science. That fact that the PS Move wheel can accomplish this task isn't remarkable in and of itself. What is rather unusual, however, is the fact that the motion control option is being opened up in such a way, allowing anyone to use it for any game experience they desire.

Those who were worried that the accessory wouldn't have enough software support to warrant a purchase can now breathe easier, though it's hard to imagine playing anything but a racing title while holding the massive controller.

Source: iWaggle3D


Ok, maybe this question is outdated or simplistic...

but if this is so easily accomplished (& I don't doubt that it is), why couldn't Sony make this work with the DualShake?
Does anyone even remember those?

That's gunna turn some heads.

What is that logistical and ergonomic abomination? I don't want it getting near my house.

That thing looks even more unwieldly and awkward to use than the WiiU tablet.

Cute cat saying no, take it away!

Seriously, stop with motion controls

Captcha: Points don't matter. Agreed.

It makes sense. It's basically a racing wheel as far as the console is concerned, and I'm pretty sure that at least some models of those things were just treated as one axis of an analog stick back in the day. Anyone else remember the days of PS1 racing wheels? I always wanted one as a kid, but never got one.

Cute cat saying no, take it away!

What the ass is wrong with that cat?

OT: That is the most impractical looking heap of plastic I have ever seen. I predict we will see elevated numbers of PS3 fanboys with strain injuries in their thumbs.

That thing is hilarious. Depending on how much it costs would make a great 'gag gift' for a hardcore PS3 fan.

A peripheral for a peripheral that no one ever cared about. Sony's Research and Design department must be headed by retarded chips.

I actually think in this one case its actually the most inspired designed coming out of sony since the PS2. The biggest fail of motion controls is the fact that 90% of the time devs have no idea on how to implement them properly, not that the concept itself sucks. This is a good move -no pun intended- in allowing players to play games the way they want instead of being bound to conventional gamepad formats.

That said there are 2 major issues that are going to gimp the whole thing. #1 The whole design should have had at least one analogue stick on it though if the designers really wanted it to be used for a wider variety of games. The Move could have doubled as a left analogue stick just fine but as it stands now entire genres are left out due to lack of right analogue functionality.

#2 Its a peripheral for a peripheral, unless it starts getting bundled with every console most players being the horribly conventional types that they are will turn their noses up at it with out even giving it a chance.

If sony can evolve the design to include at least a single thumbstick and create some sort of driver for the move to map to it could potentially open up new avenues for game design.

Boy, sure do how those handles are adjustable.

It's also the most powerful ship in the Romulan Empire.

Inescapable? I've escaped it so far.

That's gunna turn some heads.

That was a wheel bad joke.

This is a good move -no pun intended-

But Wiil it Kinect with the right audience?

Zachary Amaranth:

This is a good move -no pun intended-

But Wiil it Kinect with the right audience?

Assuming that nobody wiis on it then it should do

I think the most important question here is, why would anyone want to?

It's unusual they made their shit not useless? I'd say it's retarded these things don't come universally compatible out of the box.

Still the worst way of controlling anything, but hey to each their own.

It's also the most powerful ship in the Romulan Empire.

When I saw this thing I thought That looks like a space ship.


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