"Mutual Combat Laws" Let Superhero Trounce Racist

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"Mutual Combat Laws" Let Superhero Trounce Racist

Unknown to his opponent, Phoenix Jones has "a couple black belts and about 30 cage fights or so" going for him.

With police officers looking on, real-life "superhero" Phoenix Jones took to the age old method of delivering justice; pugilism. In this case, the "suspect" was accused of yelling, pounding on a car, and using racial slurs, at least as reported by the gaggle of superheroes. After confronting the "suspect" and calling 911, the band of superheroes apparently tried to walk away, but the belligerents seemed eager to follow them, prompting Phoenix Jones to eventually offer to fight.

The fighting begins at around 6:30 in the video, after roughly six and a half minutes of profuse swearing and general lollygagging, and it is clear from casual observation that Jones has some kind of combat background. Further research confirms that Jones does in fact hold an undefeated record in both unsanctioned, as well as professional MMA fights under the moniker "Fear the Flattop."

You may wonder why the officers didn't intervene and put a stop to the sidewalk brawl. It seems Washington has legal precedence for "mutual combat", making single combat a perfectly legal means of settling a dispute, at least to some degree. While Phoenix Jones hasn't always stuck to the letter of the law , in this case, it seems he was well within his rights, as the officers seemed to be perfectly content watching them walk away, while keeping the "suspect" and his group in order. In any case, Jones insists that they had no justification to interfere, since both parties had agreed to the bout.

While it may seem glamorous, or at least humorous, I would encourage you to avoid invoking "mutual combat" yourself, barring extensive legal training, in addition to any actual martial arts experience.

Source: MyNorthwest


HA! I love that guy. Kickass meets real-real life. I am entertained.

Well, it's a dangerous profession and certainly not as glamorous as in the comic books. But hey, if it does the trick...

But I wonder if he's bulletproof. It also makes me wonder if he either has no life or if he's incredibly dumb to go and try to change the world, one criminal at a time.
Or if there's really something mentally wrong with him. *Shrugs*
But! That guy did deserve the butt kicking. I wonder if he actually uploaded his own video to Youtube.
"That one time I got my butt kicked thanks to a guy in a silly costume". Heh. I'd watch that too.

And so, Phoenix Jones' nemesis was born.

Justice prevails again!

Normally i find these "real life superheroes" crazy but Phoenix Jones is a legitimate badass apparently. Good on him for standing up to that guy!



Edit: Personally, I tend towards mutual rock paper scissors, which is also perfectly legal.

And Gotham doesn't have these Laws.....Why?

Think about it, It means that Batman is legally allowed to beat up Bad Guys and Super-Villains as they basically consent to Combat!

BUSTED! Like ya face!
Now that's what I call mutually assured destruction!

Wooooowwww...not just was that entertaining, but Phoenix Jones just dominated that guy.
1 punch=instant K.O.

Holy shit!

This is the same guy I saw back in may when I was in Seattle!

Looks like he really can fight...


Hey man, you see that group of people who regularly dress up like superheroes and likely have at least one person who knows how to fight? Let's go up them and agree to a fight with the biggest one.

This should be a federal law.

I find it funny that the 2nd guy wants to fight Jones after seeing his buddy get laid out in one solid punch. I stick up for my friends and stuff too, but after that show I'd think twice.

Scars Unseen:


Phoenix Jones Wins.
Flawless Victory.
Heroic Brutality!

/Yes I know MKvDC Sucked Hard.

That poor fool lost the moment he tried to imitate Jones' fighting style.

He probably would have been better off rushing in and trying to grapple him. Grappling is simple enough that an 8-year old child could do it.

Im not sure if MMA has anything to deal with it, though.


Scars Unseen:


Phoenix Jones Wins.
Flawless Victory.
Heroic Brutality!

/Yes I know MKvDC Sucked Hard.

Well, appearently, it wasnt as bad as most would believe. Im still holding out for Injustice before I play a fighter with DC characters.

OT: This is both hilarious and awesome.

I did not know about this, and i live in Washington.

Im not sure if MMA has anything to deal with it, though.

Grappling and floor fighting is a major component of MMA, and has been for years, and anyone who didn't know how to deal with it (even if it's not their preferred style) probably wouldn't have gotten very far. Trying to take an MMA fighter to the floor and not knowing what to do when you get there is a good way to end up in a chokehold or jointlock and in real trouble, especially if you're a drunk dumbass.

"He called quits bro! That's bullshit" LOL

Isn't this called "afray" in many other jurisdictions... where it is illegal for both participants.

You know what my favorite part of that whole thing was? When the friend ran up after they fight and started shouting "Cheap shot" in Phoenix Jones's face.

Here's how I look at it: The pavement doesn't care if it was a cheap shot or not. You're still lying on the ground either way.

I end up in a street fight, I'm pulling every dirty trick and low-blow I can get away with. Because, at the end of the day, all that matters to me is that I'm not the one bleeding on the street.

Anyways, it's always fun to see a douchebag get EXACTLY what he asks for.

Yeah superhero cool. Let me get it straight: in the state of Washington, dueling is legal?

'Fear the Flattop.'

Sadly enough, that does sound like something he would do.

Well, at least he's being productive with his hobby. The rest of us just thought he was joking.

Wait a minute... *reads second time* We have dueling laws?

I must brush up on these immediately.

Well, he was asking for it, quite literally in this case.

Although you can't make out his expression, you can tell by the body language exactly when the guy in the orange T-shirt realises that he's made a huge mistake. It's hilarious.

Y'know, even though I'm the kind of guy to avoid confrontation almost at all costs, I actually think this 'Mutual Combat' law is a very good idea. When two guys have riled each-other up, I think there's something to be said for them being able to, perfectly legally, settle their disagreement out back, one on one. I've seen some really dirty feuds last for months, sometimes involving entire gangs of people, that all stemmed from just one incident involving one guy from each side. Incidents that would have cause a lot less harm in the long run if those two had just got it out of their system's right then and there.

The Random One:
Yeah superhero cool. Let me get it straight: in the state of Washington, dueling is legal?

Apparently so...

More states need this... there would be less shit talking in public for sure.

while its funny i dread the fallout from people realising that state has a mutual combat law on the books.

do it properly people form your own fight club

So these guys go out looking for trouble?

So these guys go out looking for trouble?

Yes, and while I am not a proponent of violence of any kind a little piece of me wants to like this guy.

Edit: strike that a little part of me really likes this guy.

So basically, he's batman pretending to be someone else?


Jesus, listen to that dickhead. "You gotta check those!" Like he watches the Ultimate Fighter on Spike TV and think he understands how to fight. This is why I advocate some kind of combat sport for everyone. You never know when one of your dastardly plots will be foiled at the hands of Batman.

I'm just quite happy that he acted fairly decently. He didn't really go -looking- for the fight, even though he was the one to offer it. Also, amusing to see a prick get what was coming to him. Stay out of fights, even if you -are- convinced you can win. Unless it's a nice and controlled thing. That's ok. :P

If you watch carefully, the guy in the orange shirt says "alright I give up, here, alright" and drops his guard (at 7:15), only to be the victim of an unsportsmanlike finishing blow.

Bad form, Phoenix Jones!

The last time Phoenix Jones was talked about on the Escapist people were trashing him (then he was breaking up a multi person fight and wound up pepper spraying those who attacked him. People then tried to run him over in a car Jones was arrested for assault, quite pitifully I might add). Now its flipped as soon as he beats up a racist.

Jones may not be the best role model for youth, but he does the right thing.

James Joseph Emerald:
If you watch carefully, the guy in the orange shirt says "alright I give up, here, alright" and drops his guard (at 7:15), only to be the victim of an unsportsmanlike finishing blow.

Bad form, Phoenix Jones!

Who's to say that the guy wouldn't have sucker punched Jones as he backed off? That guy knew he was screwed after the second kick to his leg. And to be fair to Jones they guy "gave up" at 7:15 of the video. Jones decked him at 7:17.

I love that law, if two people want to fight and do it without endangering others or other peoples property they should be allowed in my opinion. In England you cant, they still legally refer to the anachronistic term "breach of the Queen/Kings peace" which basically refers to the old days to prevent civil disorder. The modern usage is the public order act which basically means you cannot act in public in a way that would actually or potentially cause offense, fear, disruption or damage to property or disturb other people around you.

mutually consensual dueling should be legal everywhere. i approve of this.

Hah! It's about time a racist p.o.s. got what was coming to them: a nice sock in the jaw and a kiss for the pavement. Bravo, Phoenix Jones, for both putting a douche in his place and for walking away when it was most appropriate!

I swear, though this is just going to sound like an echo of everyone elses' sentiments, I think there should be a single mutual combat law in every state--hell, everywhere!

So, anyone else considering some MMA training followed by some good ole fashioned crime-fightin'?....I'm kidding, of course: it's way too dangerous and time-consuming. But still! Good on ya, Mr. Jones!

Captcha: Get DISH Now...Captcha, y u sell out?

I for one applaud the state of Washington for having some actually sensible laws concerning drunken idiocy.

If two people agree to fight to settle a difference, I say let them have at it.

No sense in arresting both of them afterward if they're going to do it anyway.

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