Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Now Free to Play

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Now Free to Play


Lara Croft's co-op Aztec platformer is free, so long as you don't mind ads.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, the clever platform puzzler from 2010, has been revived as a free to play browser title. So long as you don't mind the occasional advertisement, you too can help Lara and the deathless guardian Totec defeat demonic Xolotl. On the other hand, if you're willing to spend $9.99, you can have the experience ad-free.

The folks over at Core Online snagged Square Enix's platformer. It's not immediately clear how well Guardian of Light, which integrated co-op so well, will perform as a browser-based game. Though playable as a solo effort, the game's co-op function was a big part of the fun; it'd be a shame if the browser version didn't allow for that.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light has Lara seeking the Mirror of Smoke, only to discover that it comes complete with an ancient curse of world-shattering potential. She and her newfound ally Totec have to put Xolotl back in his box before dawn, or everything ends.

Source: Game Informer


It's a surprisingly good game, so long as you play it Co-op.
I recommend it to anyone reading!

its a nice game but it just dint appeal to me.

It is not only a good game it is an awesome game, heck mechanically I'd say it's tighter then all Tomb Raiders, you should have bought it already.

But OT this is an interesting direction for F2P because noone else is trying the ad thing, good to know some publishers can see slightly past $60 day one gang buster or we all go mental.
That being said this isn't done very well, yes it's impressive that the game is pretty much intact getting onto browsers but it plays about one tenth as good as the real deal while looking worse, and the "purchase" doesn't give you a proper version only stops the adds on the site but the price is only $5 less then the full game.

Link this bitch up with Steam, GoG, Desura,... and then we got something worth a regular visit.

We have no ads available at this time. Gee, thanks for the five minute demo, guys.

Wow, they also have Hitman: Blood Money!.
I'm checking The Guardian of Light first, to see how well it plays in my browser.

EDIT: Well, it does work, but be warned that you need a fairly powerful processor to run this at playable framerates.

Definately going to try that out!

Coop? In a game like this?

*wonders how/why

Coop? In a game like this?

*wonders how/why

Because brilliant. Seriously, teaming up Lara Croft with an ancient Light God? What could go wrong?

Too bad people are never online to play with when I am. ;_;

This is free to play now? I must dance my way over there at once.

EDIT: Well, it works but since there are no ads I can watch then it's pretty much locked down. You might want to wait if you plan to play this for free.


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