Watchmen Creator's Short Movie Invades Dreams

Watchmen Creator's Short Movie Invades Dreams

This Jimmy's End trailer may haunt your dreams, but its main character wants to steal them.

Welcome to Jimmy's End, a nightmarish little slice of British life from Alan Moore, maker of Watchmen, From Hell and many other iconic stories. Keep an eye on the protagonist; he's after your dreams, in an ongoing effort to conquer first the Boroughs and then the world.

"The fictional world of Jimmy's End is, as I understand it," says Moore, "only a very slightly exaggerated version of the real territory that the narrative takes place in ... Dreams and possibly nightmares seem to get caught in a kind of circling weather system that is never entirely dissipated."

A blogger caught early wind of this project when it was still in its formative stages. "Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this project," said Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool, "is the intention to create a really immersive fictional world." Including - but not limited to - the in-narrative soap opera Wittgenstein Avenue and an online videogame created for the story.

This isn't the only short film in the series Moore intends to produce. There will be more noir, occult-tinged chillers to come, but as to exactly when or what they'll be about, there's no word. Moore does have a Facebook page, so if you want to know more that's a good place to start.

If you want to see it and you happen to be in England, there is a showing somewhere in Northampton later this month - and no, I don't know where - but if you happen not to be among the very lucky few, then keep an eye on this website. That's where you'll be able to see Jimmy's End, from November 25th onwards.

Source: Guardian


Guh, the book was soooooooo much better!

i have no idea what this is supposed to be about, but the prominence of big curvy ladies in burlesque attire has quite effectively, piqued my interest

Well...that video gave away absolutely nothing!


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