Valve Shows You All the Action From The International 2

Valve Shows You All the Action From The International 2

Valve's Defense of the Ancients 2 competition documentary shows you the story behind the contest.

Earlier this year China's Invictus Gaming took home the $1 million The International 2 grand prize, beating out Ukraine's Natus Vincere for the top Defense of the Ancients 2 spot. Valve shot interviews and behind-the-scenes stuff throughout the tourney, and now you can see how it all shook out.

The documentary takes you from the preliminary rounds, held at Valve, straight through to the PAX Prime conclusion. As the interviews were taken during the competition, there's a real insight into how the teams started pulling together - or otherwise - when the heat was on.

Clement Ivanov - aka Puppey - of Natus Vincere gets the ball rolling early on. Natus Vincere had won the previous year's tournament. "Doing it again is really hard," he said, "because doing it the first time was really hard. It puts on more pressure, that you can't lose ... Our boot camp was a disaster." Hearing that, knowing that the Ukraine team took second place, sheds new light on how things went on the battlefield.

There's an International 2 website for those who want to know more, as well as a YouTube channel with extra content. Congratulations again to Invictus Gaming, and best of luck to all the teams in the next International.

Source: PC Gamer


I love how these guys are nothing like the people you see in most MOBAs. I expected at least one fist fight or for them to be hurling insults when they saw each other.

Nice to see everyone acting like real professionals.

Okay Riot, you see how the venue for the International had SOUNDPROOF BOXES FOR THE GAMERS TO SIT IN?! yes, that is the kind of venue for a PROFESSIONAL GAME.

And you see how everyone was friendly to one another? Yes, that's because rules are enforced to get rid of toxic players. It doesn't matter if Moscow 5 is a good team, when they all trash talk in and outside of the tournament they need to not take placei n the tournaments.

I was kind of wondering how or why they would make a sequel to The International. Then I remembered I'm on a gaming website, read the article and learned about something new. Yay!

Quick note: Valve's game is officially called "Dota 2", with only the "D" capitalized. To my knowledge, they have never tried to expand the acronym (otherwise Blizzard's trademark dispute may have been resolved with worse consequences for Valve).

They never properly explained the reasoning behind double elimination tournament having single elimination finals did they?


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