Atari Plays Pong For The World Record

Atari Plays Pong For The World Record

In celebration of its 40th Birthday, Atari played Pong on a building in Kansas City.

As part of its City Lights holiday lighting ceremony and fund raiser, Kansas City was kind enough to let Atari borrow a building to play Pong on. Atari went for a World Record, largest Pong game ever, as part of its 40th Birthday celebrations.

Whether or not Atari succeeded in its ambition is yet to be known, but as efforts go it was certainly spectacular. Pong is one of the oldest, and simplest, arcade games out there; it's basically tennis with light balls, but back in 1972 that was a big achievement. The game was a huge hit, the first commercially successful computer game, copied in any number of different incarnations.

To answer your next question, no, I don't know how you can rig up the side of your house to do the same thing. I'm guessing it may be prohibitively expensive, but it is Christmas; perhaps Santa will be very forgiving this year.

Source: IGN


And just look how far we've come. I'm sure this is how pong players expected the future to be, Pong played on buildings...


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