Creative Hitman: Absolution Kill Could Net $1,000

Creative Hitman: Absolution Kill Could Net $1,000

Social media site GamrRank is offering $1,000 to the winner of its Hitman competition.

If you can spell your own name - in bullet holes, naturally - and have an eye for a creative kill, you may want to check out GamrRank's Hitman: Absolution competition. There's cash prizes for the top three kills, with other stuff going to those who don't quite make the grade; see the video for further details.

The competition lasts for all of two weeks, and entry is simple enough. Creativity counts, though, so be prepared to put a little work in for the $1,000 top prize. It's one of several competitions that GamrRank is running, and is also the most valuable; the Minecraft competitions are just for giggles, while the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 top prize is only $150.

GamrRank is a social media site that's been futzing around on the internet since August this year. "Our goal is to help you to not only find other gamers and learn, but also to find great games that others are playing or excited about," the group said in its opening statement back on August 15th. It's affiliated with If you join the site, your activity is ranked over time depending on how much you play, and how much you say - on social media - about your gaming experience.

Source: PC Gamer


Nice, I might pick up a copy of the game for Christmas! I need more games to buy for my 360 anyway, my cousin has most of the games I want to play (Like Assassins Creed 3) so we can swap them after we are done with them.

I just hope the bullet wholes stay long enough for me to finish it.
Unless it's just a first name.


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