Buy a Real, Working, Yet Tiny, Transformer

Buy a Real, Working, Yet Tiny, Transformer


A DIY manufacturer of a robot that changes form will now accept orders.

It looks like the toy my 8-year-old self desperately wanted. Japanese roboticist Kenji Ishida, founder of the firm Brave Robotics, first made a Transformer at 1/12 scale last May. The unlicensed Transformer changes from a drive-able car to a walking human-shaped robot in a matter of seconds. Ishida has improved his process - with the help of a custom-built 3D printer - and he announced that he will soon be taking orders to make the knock-off Autobot for you. There's no word on a price, but as manufacturing the unit will take a month, I'm pretty sure it will cost a pretty penny, or yen, as the case may be.

Ishida plans to unveil the new model at the Tokyo Maker Faire 2012 next week. I'm sure there will be many Transformer fans there who would get a kick out of owning their very own Autobot. Of course, due to licensing issues, the robot doesn't look like Wheeljack, Bumblebee or any of the other more recognizable characters from the Transformers universe. You will, however, be able to choose the colors on the body of the custom Transformer. You can't request the Transformer to look like Optimus Prime, but at least you can ask for red and blue panels. So that's something.

All the attention seems to have crashed the Brave Robotics website. If you're interested in ordering one, email Kenji Ishida directly using this address: info at

While you wait, you can watch the robot in action below. Just make sure you clean the drool out of your keyboard when you're done.

Source: Hobby Media


(Watches prototypes.)

Well, now I know what Optimus Prime would look like if he were an epileptic breakdancer.

Wow that is awesome (the second video)! It make me wonder how much the hardcore Transformers fan would pay if they ever make one base from a Transformers character.

That was the single sexiest thing I have ever seen in my life.

Cool toys are the right of all sentient beings!

I think I speak for everyone here when I say...


Capcha: treat yoself - why yes, I think I will to this wonderful toy

EDIT: found a gif, a 2 second video is silly

Transform and roll out, little auto bot.

That's pretty awesome.

I don't think you can actually play with it can you? Do you just let it do it's preprogrammed transform and dance routine?

meh its just a transformer so what? its not like... THAT IS THE COOLEST THING I HAVE SEEN ALL MONTH .. I WANT ONE NOW

Of all the things I have encountered in my travels, this is the most... greatest.

I just... I have no words. This is the single most awesome sight I have ever beheld. As a collector of Transformers, all the cells in my body are CRYING out in ecstacy and want.

It fires missiles from it's hands. It has a camera in it's chest. It has a FREAKING seat molded in. This is like Transformer nirvana.

Welp, time to sell my kidney to the black market. Only way I'll be able to afford this thing.

it's kind of neat that they actually do make those noises when they transform and it's not just a sound effect

The future has arrived, and it is awesome.
The person who made that is going to be rich, assuming some bigger toy company doesn't immediately steal the idea.

That is awesome... and his version 8 video looks even better, with promises of even more refined versions this late. (V8 was in May, according to youtube)

How long can we expect till this guy hears from Hasbro, and what are the odds it'll be a good one vs. the odds it'll be a bad one?

I'd love to get a mini shaped one for my best mate. They are freaking awesome.

that's the single most awesome thing i've seen this month, easy

and yes




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