Max Payne Revisits Some Painful Memories

Max Payne Revisits Some Painful Memories


The Painful Memories DLC pack will add new maps, guns and more to Max Payne 3.

The Max Payne 3 multiplayer cavalcade of fun continues next month with Painful Memories, a multiplayer add-on featuring four new maps including the "Roscoe Street Subway," the underground station from the original Max Payne where Alex Balder met his end. There's also "Marty's Bar," the skeevy dump where Max and Raul Passos first met, "Shoot First," set aboard the enormous Branco family yacht, and the wide-open "Canal De Panamá."

Also on tap on the UAR-21 and IMG 5.56 assault rifles, new avatars and items, and the appropriately substance-abuse-themed Hangover Burst, which causes enemies to respawn with blurred vision and reduced stamina and health. Apparently only Max gets better after a bender.

Is anybody still playing Max Payne 3 multiplayer? Not that I begrudge online gamers their fun, but the strength of the series has been in its single-player component and I'm starting to wonder what a guy has to do to get some solo DLC action going on. Max isn't dead, after all, and as the Max Payne 3 flashback segments demonstrated, he had plenty of adventures prior to all that unpleasantness in Sao Paulo. Why not throw the man himself into the breach once more?

In any event, the Max Payne 3 Painful Memories pack will sell for 800 Microsoft points on the Xbox 360 or $9.99 on the PlayStation 3 and PC, unless you're a Rockstar Pass owner, in which case you'll get it free, and comes out on December 4.


Too bad that the multiplayer is fucking awful.
There was about 700 people on it a couple days ago on PC, every fucking server had some guy sprinting around 1 hit meleeing my team fucking constantly.
Just give us a co-op survival mode or something, I would play the fuck out of that.

"Too bad that the multiplayer is fucking awful." - Escapist Magazine Community

Put that shit on the back of the box. Seriously though, I really thought that by this point the season pass purchasers would get some kind of single player action by this point. Leading up to release I don't think many of us were stoked about Max Payne deathmatch. I played like 2 rounds at my brother's house and that was more than enough for me, Andy.

Just for fun... that MP is terrible. The main game isn't even that good but they should put some fuckin' DLC out for that shit to at least try and make it worth while. If you keep beating the dead horse, it doesn't get more dead, you just keep looking more and more insane/stupid for doing it. Over the Steam sale, I suggested people don't buy for $15, that is a sad game. I got it for $30 a little after release and boy was that a waste of money.

I'd almost, ALMOST be willing to pay for DLC that removes cutscenes from single player.

*Oh, and, yeah--co-op is never a bad thing.

The best they could do is release or horde mode (basicly the survival mode that the 2 previous games had) for some awesome unninterrupted action. The action of this game is really good but having to wait 50 seconds of cutscenes between every firefight (that mostly involve only 3-4 guys) is really a downer

I can't even conceive of a situation in which I could possibly care less about Max Payne's multiplayer...

What the fuck is wrong with them??

Who gives a fuck about what's basically a map pack DLC? CoD map packs sell because those are multiplayer games; Max Payne is a heavily story-driven single-player game.

Revisiting (expanding) some of the moments that made Max who he is (y'know, as the title "Painful Memories" implies) could've been awesome, but fuck that, right? Just make more multiplayer maps instead!

After making this poor excuse for a Max Payne game (don't get me wrong, it's a decent enough 3rd person shooter, it's just a terrible Max Payne game) instead of trying to add in content to the single player (you know, the part everybody actually plays a Max Payne game for) and fixing the parts of it that everybody hated (like the blur effects in the cutscenes or the lack of subtitles) they waste their time on the multiplayer, the thing NO true fan of Max Payne bought the game for. Is Rockstar trying to win the painfully missing the point of the year game award or something?


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