Codemasters Asks Bloggers to Create Achievement List

Codemasters Asks Bloggers to Create Achievement List


Grid 2 will get some help from one of the most popular metascoring sites around.

Padding your gaming metascore with tasty Achievements and Trophies has already become ingrained in gaming culture, but the process of creating them is still largely a mystery to many. For its upcoming racer Grid 2, Codemasters is laying its cards on the table and hiring outside help - namely the team of bloggers lead by Dan Webb - to come up with the all-important reward criteria.

Webb is the editor-in-chief of Xbox 360 Achievements and PS3 Trophies, a pair of websites that catalogue (you guessed it) Trophies and Achievements for every title released for both consoles. In an official press release, Codemasters details the agreement and explains how it will all work out.

"Xbox 360 Achievements and PS3 Trophies will work hand-in-hand with the designers at Codemasters' world class racing studio, to create an Achievement and Trophy list that will perfectly compliment the game and play to its strengths," reads the statement.

But the process won't be done behind-the-scenes, and Webb and his team will document their work via a series of feature articles and video blogs. Grid 2 is scheduled to hit stores in Summer 2013, so we expect to see the beginnings of the Achievement creation process before too long.

Source: Xbox 360 Achievements


"Where we're going, we don't need roads."
Maintain a speed of 88mph for at least ten seconds.

I would call them a bit more than just simple bloggers but maybe that's just me.

Anyway, good for them. Xbox360Achievements is a good site (and I would assume PS3Trophies is as well but I don't really go on it since I rarely play the PS3). I've read some good articles there, and they are relatively quick when it comes to gaming news. And they obviously know their way around achievements so it'll be fairly interesting to see what kinds they come up with.

This should happen more often. If you got the right people from a game's community, then it's quite a harmless thing to change, but which nonetheless gets the audience involved.

"T-bag the motor way"
Jump on top of car and bounce on it at least once.

well, i used to do that in grid 1 so.....

but this is a good idea, maybe achievemetns will start representing what people actually want to "Achieve" not "finish level 5 to gain achievement lvl 5"

As a regular over at I'm glad to see something like this. Unfortunately I'm not really big on racing games anymore.

"the beginning of something beautiful" press the acceleration button.

"don't hit something or crash" don't hit something or crash.

"right turn" move in the right direction

"wrong turn" move in the wrong direction

yeah, archievements are kind of dumb.


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