Metro: Last Light Gets Another "Survivor"

Metro: Last Light Gets Another "Survivor"

The second Metro: Last Light "Survivors" trailer is even more depressing than the first.

Last week we met the Preacher, the first of the Metro: Last Light "survivors," in a live-action trailer for the upcoming end-of-the-world shooter that was a little bit different than most promotional trailers for videogames. Today it's the Model's turn, and trust me when I say that it's worse. A whole lot worse.

Underground Apocalyptica is not a happy place but at least the Preacher saw it coming, and he's got enough crazy going on to take the edge off. The Model, on the other hand, has a firm grip on what she had, what she lost - and what she has to do now to survive. Welcome to Eastern European-crafted post-holocaust settings, where humor, happiness and hope for a better future are just distant memories, slowly receding into a haze of vodka and gunfire.

Speaking of gunfire, for the benefit of those who don't know, the bullets dropped onto the ground by her "guest" are the currency she refers to. The economy of the Metro tunnels is powered by ammunition, which is a bit of a contrivance but leads to some interesting choices when you have to decide between giving up your old world, military-grade ammo for more rebreather filters or hoping you can sprint across the surface without running into a demon along the way.

Metro: Last Light is scheduled to come in March 2013 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.


Well that was......depressing.

Even though I did enjoy the books, I did not enjoy the first game. I can't tell why. Maybe not my cup of tea when it comes to shooters?
I hope the second one does better.

LOVING how fucking dark this game is looking.

The first was one of my favorite games, so hopefully they can come through on the gameplay.

Personally I can't seem to finish shooters that don't focus on the gunplay, but 2033 was definitely a great game and I look forward to getting Last Light somewhere down the line.


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