Del Toro's Insane Returns to Life

Del Toro's Insane Returns to Life


Guillermo del Toro says Insane is back on track with a new developer.

We don't know much about Guillermo del Toro's Insane except that it was originally being developed by Volition, it was meant to be the first part of a trilogy and that it had the bad luck to end up in the hands of THQ. THQ, as you are no doubt aware, is in the midst of what are probably its death throes, and as a consequence of that, Insane was canceled in August and the rights to the IP returned.

But that's not the end of the tale, as del Toro told IGN that things are shaping up well with a new developer. "We were going to go to a lot of developers after THQ, but it seems like we're going to be developing it after the first meeting we had. I can't disclose where it was, but we went to a great developer on the first meeting and it seems that they're picking it up because they love the package," he said.

Despite being in development since 2010, the game is still quite a way off; del Toro said Insane was "two years away" when the plugged was pulled at THQ. "The development span of a game like this is three years. We put a good year and a half into it and we have the universe quite figured out, but we are now going to take that and start doing all the leg work with coding it, creating the engine, and starting to test it," he said. "It's going to take a good two years of modeling and rendering and creating the environments and all of that."

One possible new home for Insane is Valve. Del Toro said in October that he's a "big fan" of Valve, and he also managed to persuade Valve to let him use Ellen McClain, better known as the voice of GlaDOS, in his upcoming sci-fi epic Pacific Rim.

Source: IGN


I can see a Valve-made Del Toro game being the nerdgasm of thousands, it would be totally awesome.

it would be insane not to do so.

but i must say we didnt quite get to see a lot about this game at all.
only a generic teaser.

so keep your hopes low. it could be good looking but boring.
captcha: grease the skids

i guess we have to put down captcha..

Valve, do the right thing.

Am I the only one that thinks he looks sort of similar to Gabe Newell?

But I'd definitely be interested in it anyway, especially if Valve were involved.

I was so upset when THQ dropped this. As I recall, he had a lot of trouble getting anyone interested before THQ, so I was worried that he might have even more difficulty finding a new developer. This is good news, though. The possibility that it's Valve is intriguing, but I won't be setting too much in store by that just yet. I really want to see this project finished, though. It definitely has the makings to be an interesting title.

Wait, Valve is loaning out Ellen McClain to do rim jobs? And you thought Gabe was a pimp before...

Valve? Game coming out in 2 years?

Yeah, right.

Please let this happen. Please. Del Toro and Valve? Good combination. Sure, maybe my hopes are high; unrealistically so, even. But still. This is what I've been waiting for for a while now...

Really sad THQ can't do it, since those guys know how to handle a new IP, they really publish some original stuff.

But I hope Del Toro did actually go to a *good* developer for it, because I reeeaallllyyy want to see this get made. Del Toro's crazy imagination would do wonders to the game industry.

Valve and Del Toro would indeed be awesome, but the first guys I thought of to do it would be Frictional Games. They're definitely the best name in horror in the market thus far. No safer hands than them

Great news :D Del Toro is still to create something I didn't like, so I'm really looking forward to this game.

Raiyan 1.0:
Valve? Game coming out in 2 years?

Yeah, right.

on the upside you get a developer AND a publisher

I want a game based on Pacific Rim or his In The Mountains of Madness movie to be made. InSane could be good but ive heard nothing about it at all, and as its meant to be a trilogy? Well they can either fail or survive. The original 2 trilogies i remember are Mass Effect and Too Human, and we know how they both turned out. But then, if Del Toro has a hand in the design of the game, the look and art style then it will atleast look amazing.


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