Hideo Kojima Wants Non-Metal Gear Recognition

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I hope with all my heart that Hideo continues where he left off with Zone of the Enders. It was an amazing game/concept that was left starving on PS2 hardware. And if there's one thing that game needed it was the hardware to show off it's visuals and greatly expand it's 3D open environments...easily one of the best looking games on PS2.

image image

With today's hardware they could greatly open up environments, give everything HD textures...yes yes I know about the HD re-release, but that isn't enough, I want a whole new GAME full of ZoE's fast-pace / 360-degree movement freedom / air combat fun!

Sure, OK, I'll gladly assist his efforts and rummage through my memory database of memorable things related to Kojima...

...this will take just a second...

Sorry, no. I give up. All I can think of is Metal Gear. I did play Z.O.E., but I didn't like it that much, to be honest.

But I do remember him for some of the Metal Gear goodness. Robot girl frying eggs in a pan, making smiley faces? Long ass narrative movie-type scenes playing out in the time I dedicated to playing some new Metal Gear goodness? Changing my TV to the HIDEO channel when I was all amped up fighting some scary psycho dude?

If he wants to be remembered for something completely different, he should come up with something worthwhile before moaning about not wanting to be the Metal Gear guy no more.

I'll play anything you make! Although please do keep the big Metal Gear-games coming every 3-5 years as well if you please =)

Sniper Team 4:
I feel this is like George Lucas saying he wants to be known for something other than Star Wars. Sure, he did other stuff, but that title is going to stay with him long after he dies. Same thing with Kojima. I would also like to add my vote to, "Stop making Metal Gear Solid games" in the first place if you want to try something new. Hasn't he said in the past that he was done with them? Several different times?

I'm torn between wanting to praise Kojima for having the balls to actually try making something different and wanting to curse him for being so ungrateful for having actually managed to make a successful game series. I mean, most indy and failing developers would sell their souls right now to be able to make even one game that gets a fraction of the number of sales that most Metal Gear games end up getting, not to mention have an entire succesful francise, he should be grateful for getting as far as he has.

On the other hand, there's already way too many developers out there that are too terrified of trying something new that they just crank out the same old game with slight changes every year and call that a new game as it is, so maybe it's a good thing that Kojima is doing.

Oh well, I guess I'll decide once I find out just how much of a success or how bad of a bomb his next few games are.

introducing concepts intended for entirely new intellectual properties using the Metal Gear brand?

soo...more metal gear?? guess that's one downside to a successful franchise. the people at top want more of it. guess I'm one to admire folk who'd like to push their art beyond what is already successful :] oh but what a dilemma to have...

Zone of the Enders 3



Even a freaking 3DS game in the style of 'Fist of Mars' or something.

That HD Collection was mediocre at best.
Yet again proving that HD Collections are just mindless cash grabs by retarded publishers/developers.

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