Third Zero Escape Installment Confirmed

Third Zero Escape Installment Confirmed


Fans may have to wait a while for a conclusion to Zero Escape's labyrinthine story.

Director, Kotaro Uchokoshi, has confirmed that another Zero Escape title is in the works, but admits that fans will have to "wait a while" to see the third installment in the visual novel/puzzle series.

Much to the delight/dismay of mystery fans, Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward answered very few of the questions posed in the original 999: Nine Persons, Nine Hours, Nine Doors. It not only failed to tie up loose ends from the first game, but added a giant, multi-story tapestry's worth of its own. I can't give too much away for fear of the dreaded spoilers, but let's just say there was a flow chart involved and I still ended up scratching my head at the game's ultimate conclusion.

Uchokoshi was answering fan questions on Twitter earlier today and confirmed that Phi, Junpei and Luna will appear in the game. No word on which consoles will play host to the new title, though hopefully another Vita release is worth the effort.

Our own Susan Arendt gave 999 and Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward four and three-and-a-half stars respectively. Personally, while I think 999's conclusion stands as one of the smartest in gaming history, Zero Escape's ending left me cold thanks to a series of bizarre, logic-defying twists and a cliffhanger the size of the moon. I feel a lot better about it knowing a third game is definitely on the way, however.

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Well AWESOME! Though if they pull another big Schrodinger's Cat wibbly wobbly timey wimey mess again, I'll have to check myself into a mental asylum.

Yes, I am still very confused about what happens in both games.

Zero Escape Volume 3: Revenge of the Funyarinpa

I'm betting on it.

I was lucky not to see 999 until this spring, it made the wait for Virtue's Last Reward short and sweet. I'm not looking forward to the likely 2-3 wait for part 3.

Also, kudos on choosing the best possible screenshot for this newspost!

That reminds me, I need to get on buying Zero Escape now.

Seeing as I finally own a Vita and all.

Also, that screenshot made me giggle. :D


Also, hoping the sequel gets put on the 3ds as well :) I'd be really sad if I couldn't finish the story.

While expected (especially after VLR's ending), I am very excited.

that picture there pretty much sums up the game without any context at all

Does that mean they're all going to tie together?

Because Europe and Australia only got the second one...meaning we'll be left in the dark about any importance the first one might have on the third one.

Posted December 3rd 2012, only 9 posts (not including Grey) okay this is just sad. This is an amazing franchise and it gets 9 replies?! Do yourself a favor if you have a ds/ 3ds go buy 999, some of the best writing video games have to offer right here.

Who cares when it comes out as long as it is an awesome game. I mean yes I would love it if it came out at the end of this year but Zero Escape is defiantly worth the 2-3 year wait. I have some theories about Volume 3.
1. I think Phi is the one who accidently releases Radical 6 into the population. Otherwise why would she have signed up to be frozen for 45 years?

2. I think Brother/Free the Soul funded/bulit the Mars Mission Test Site. If not then who bulit the traps?

3. I think Phi or the woman Luna is modeled after (more likely Phi) answers Ground Control after the other Subjects are killed on December 31, 2028. I dont really have an explanation for this one. It just seems to make sense. After all, we know Phi and Sigma survive the Test Site.


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