End of Nations Studio Suffers Layoffs

End of Nations Studio Suffers Layoffs

30 Petroglyph staff may be looking for new jobs, and End of Nations' future looks increasingly doubtful.

Not long ago developer Petroglyph Games and publisher Trion Worlds announced that the long-awaited MMORTS End of Nations was indefinitely postponed, and now it seems as many as 30 employees at Petroglyph may have lost their jobs.

The news broke when End of Nations writer and game designer Tweeted that he was one of those leaving Las Vegas. Petroglyph, which describes itself as a a "small, independent company with passionate, talented people," only had 100 staff before the layoffs.

"Several key areas of [End of Nations] need polish and improvement," said the development team when news of the postponement first broke. It now seems likely that the polish and improvement will be some time coming, if it comes at all. Although End of Nations community manager Myll Erik claimed in a forum post that "End of Nations has not been cancelled," it's difficult to see how things can progress when its writer/designer is looking for a new home.

Source: Eurogamer


That's a shame. I actually rather like Petroglyph. They've made good RTS titles with interesting concepts and presentations, but they are always plagued by bugs and some baffling design choices.

Universe at war had some good ideas but it was plagued by bugs. Sad to see a company with ex- Westwood employees get into trouble.

This had better not hurt Frank.


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