GameSpy's New Owner Shuts Down Classic Multiplayer

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How much does it cost to run servers?

I remember seeing a dev video for Guild Wars 2 prior to its release where they stated that running a server these days is actually fairly inexpensive (hence part of why the GW2 business model works). Assuming that this is true, I can still totally understand the business logic of shutting down a service they were providing at a cost to themselves, but I don't see a need for them to be dicks about it with the quote from Rebellion, "We have been informed that in order to do so would cost us tens of thousands of pounds a year - far in excess of how much we were paying previously." I'd rather they had just been honest about simply wanting to get out of the business of hosting servers.

Another interesting note there, "paying previously". So companies were STILL paying Gamespy to host servers for old games?

It would also be interesting to see if Gamespy told the makers of these games that they were shutting down the servers beforehand. The implication here being that if the company had enough advance warning the onus will have been on them to set up their own servers/service. On the other hand, if there wasn't enough advance warning then it sounds almost like blackmail.

Running servers isn't horribly expensive now a day, this is just Gamespy kidnapping the multiplayer aspect of these Dev's games and holding it for ransom. I am not 100% sure about the legality of this (it depends on any agreements signed, and the amount of notice they were given to find an alternative), but if nothing else it is horribly un-ethical. They are fairly well setting themselves up for failure on the PC market. My guess is that they are moving Gamespy into the mobile world and giving up on PC (it isn't like they were horribly popular among the PC crowd to start with). Even so, the Dev's were paying for the server space they were using (most likely based on the number of user's they received per month), and as such if they were not given proper notice to find an alternative they are unlikely to be trusted in the future by other game companies. Not to mention the gamers they are alienating. We are an outspoken crowd that holds no issues with forsaking a company that burns us.

The other major issue being that there wasn't any notice to the gamers either (leading me to believe this was a spur of the moment decision). I went to their facebook page and their forums and was greeted by swarms of angry gamers demanding information ( I can see another class action lawsuit in someone's future), so I don't see the PC crowd trusting them any time soon.

Nothing lasts forever, and we all know hearts can change. And things get stalled in this biz, so it's cold december rain.

Sadly NWN2 and NWN1 PW's will slowly fade into obscurity without a list of available servers for new players to join those persistent world.

May you die slowly so people can enjoy you to the fullest.

GameSpy is not needed today anyway.


Gamespy has always been garbage but this seems like a step in a suicidal direction. Now they are not only providing a poorly done service, but they are now canceling services and alienating devs and players alike which will cost them more business in the future as better services are everywhere(I can't imagine there actually being a service worse than the one gamespy delivers that actually charges money).

I remember two of them. TEN and were both subscription services in the day of dial up. You would directly call the server, and it would emulate a LAN for you. TEN was well 10 bucks and was 20. Per month.

It sounds as terrible as it was.

Those were terrible services XD but I was referring to modern services and dial-up is a lie, it NEVER EXISTED!

Oh, god. please don't ever shut down Gotham City Impostors. Pretty please! D8

While not familiar with any of those games' online communities, I think it's a rather dick move to suddenly and inexplicably cut the servers without any announcement of the action prior. While it's understandable to cut programs that don't turn in a net profit, it's at least common courtesy to alert the developers and gamers still behind the community a month, or at least a week beforehand.

This just shows that the new GameSpy management cares even less for its community than the old one, which can't be good for the long run.

For those that are claiming the end of NWN, this is not true. I'm an admin running one of the servers there; all this means are that users cannot browse the Gamespy lists to find the servers. But all the servers are still running, you only need to directly connect to them or add them to your favorites. The community is already hard at work on third party solutions, including client modifications to allow the list to be viewed regardless.

What this means, however, is that the influx of new players is severely affected.

This is sad news, indeed. :(


There's an outcry because nobody plays them? The people who are pissed are the ones who play them, otherwise nobody would even NOTICE
I'm currently working on a NWN2 mod, and the NWN community is pretty big, I can tell you that.

Call it sarcasm. The point was exactly what you were saying: if there was really nobody playing, nobody would have noticed or complained or cared. The fact that this has happened belies the concept the prior poster was claiming.

Neverwinter Nights, my favourite roleplaying game.. A server people has been working on for 3 years just went out of beta, requires IP to direct-connect now... Quickly dying, never getting to see any other players than the selected few beta-testers...

Gamespy, F-you. F, you.


GameSpy is not needed today anyway.

Gamespy isnt needed? Oh what a relief! I will go tell everyone who cannot see the server on their serverlist that Gamespy isnt even needed, they will be happy to hear.

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