Nike Makes Exercise a Post-Apocalyptic RPG

Nike Makes Exercise a Post-Apocalyptic RPG

The first Nike+ game turns your real-world actions into experience points.

The buzzword "gamification" has been thrown around a lot in the last few years, but the sneaker and athletics wear manufacturer Nike just released a game that might just get me off my office chair to start running. The brand Nike+ has been kicking around since 2010 when Nike and Apple combined forces to let you track steps on your iPod. That has grown to include an Android app, NikeFuel bands and even a Kinect training game for the Xbox. With NikeFuel Missions though, all that running and tracking is given a story framework and actual game mechanics.

Here's how it works. If you don't have one already, sign up for a Nike+ account and link up one of the participating devices or applications to it. Once you do that, you'll get a mission like "Run 300 paces in 30 minutes". The timer starts and you go about your business. When you're done, you log back in and link up with your account to complete the mission and earn points.

The cool thing is that all that exercise has an in-game purpose. According to the video promoting Missions here, the world is covered in ice and constant storms and you have to get to fabled safe haven called the Ark. To guide you are several notable athletes - Calvin "Megatron" Johnson, track star Allyson Felix, U.S. Olympic soccer player Alex Morgan and the Brazilian footballer Neymar Jr - who have already made it to the Ark and make it their purpose to help survivors. It's not exactly an imaginative story, but it sounds close enough to the actual games I play that it piqued my interest.

I have to test it out to see if it's actually as fun as it looks, but at least I don't have to purchase anything to do so. The Nike+ app is free for iPhones and Android devices.


Kathleen will finally have a use for all of her Nike fuel points!

Also, definitely one of the odder headlines I've seen.

Sweet... I'll have a Fuelband for myself by the New Year, hopefully.

Awww, they're trying!

But seriously, anything that helps people stay fit, gamers particularly, is a good idea. But I still won't pay the extortionate price for a pair of Nike shoes.

Greg Tito:
Nike Makes Exercise a Post-Apocalyptic RPG

The cool thing is that all that exercise has an in-game purpose. According to the video promoting Missions, the world is covered in ice and constant storms and you have to get to fabled safe haven called the Ark.

Couldn't resist :)

Hm... ok ok wait.. hold on.

Actually let's develop this idea a little further. It just might work for me...



This is...interesting.

Might have potential. Just like what the Facebook guy said, imagine if WoW or other popular MMOs had you more EXP or Rep points by you exercising like this. I would be ripped as hell!

So it kind of like the Pokewalker but more sporty and less capturing Pokemon? I mean they both require a start (put the Pokemon in/ start the timer) and a finishline (get the Pokemon out of the Pokewalker/ log back in).

Awesome, lets "gamify" running or activity based injuries. Nice idea, but Nike is the worst possible company to do this. That aside, nice idea. ARG's tend to be awesome in general. I might give this a try to see how it is.

Nike are ripping off people who have already done this idea

Nothing wrong with competition, but its not an original Nike Idea

^ Still, pretty cool idea. I like the whole "Wii Fit" style of integrating exercise with games.

There is something odd about the idea that when the world is frozen over and covered in storms, the only people who survive are a few athletes and, for some arbitrary reason, you...Still, it's...uh...something.They're trying I suppose. But honestly, when has gamification to such a strenuous degree proven successful?


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