Wii Title to Use GameSpy Multiplayer Technology

Wii Title to Use GameSpy Multiplayer Technology

GameSpy announced today that it will provide "multiplayer technology" to publishers developing games for the Wii.

Although the press release is intentionally vague, GameSpy has partnered with Nintendo on multiplayer implementation for several DS and DS Lite games. The new Wii services will include friends lists, rankings and matchmaking services.

The first Wii game to hit shelves with GameSpy multiplayer services will be Pokemon Battle Revolution, which releases June 25.


Is this a step away from friend codes?

I originally though that this would mean no friend codes, but the more I hear about it, the more it seems like we will still need friend codes for creating game specific friends lists, and gamespy are simply supplying middleware for an online lobby and matchmaking (i.e. random matches against strangers).

no, friend codes will be required and each game will have its own code sperate even from the wii's console code.

don't know the rules to linking other sites but there is an interview with gamespy here that explains a little about the friend codes issue.


I've heard many conflicting reports about whether there will be game-specific friend codes. This is what I have been able to find out:

-The company that invented game-specific friend codes for the DS is also managing the Wii's Internet play service.
-A robust system-identifying system is already in place for the Wii, as is a system of game-specific parental controls.
-At least one Wii game used game-specific friend codes at least while in development.
-The people claiming that there will be friend codes are pessimistic, love to speculate, and hate friend codes.

What this suggests to me is that not all online games will have game-specific friend codes, but a few will - perhaps to incorporate cross-platform multiplayer with the DS. This is just my rampant, brain-dead speculation, so don't go spreading it as gospel.

yeah, I posted a link to an interview with gamespy and its a little more then rampant speculation, its a guy asking if that is the case and gamespy telling them that it is.


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